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Electric Vehicle Charging by Mer

Trusted EV solutions that keep businesses, local authorities and drivers moving faster, cleaner, better

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Pure Energy

We are a European electric vehicle charging company owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy producer. We offer zero carbon, 100% renewable energy using only wind, hydro and solar. We integrate with other Statkraft businesses to tailor packages of EV charging, storage and electricity.

EV Charging For Commercial Landowners

public electric car charging points

We ensure a simple experience for Commercial Landowners, taking care of everything from grid connection through to installation and management, whilst providing you with an income stream.

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EV Charging For Local Authorities

installing electric car charging stations

Set up a future-fit EV charging infrastructure based on best practice and extensive experience. We provide solutions to suit your objectives with the option of fully funded, part-funded or full ownership packages.

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EV Charging For Workplace

business fast charger ev

From the investment cost to the complexities of operating workplace charging, we provide businesses with managed, tailored, and simple charging solutions for employees and visitors.

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EV Charging For Fleet Services

ev charging private landowners

We provide reliable and future-proofed electric charging infrastructure to fleets across the UK. We guide our customers through the entire process to plan bespoke charging solutions for fleet operations.

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Mer Connect UK App

At Mer, we like to make things easy for you, this is why we give you the choice to charge your vehicle as a guest user or by registering on our network.

Electric Vehicle Drivers

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IWG charger Spaces Marlow

24. June 2022

How To Use A 25kW Mer Semi-Rapid Charger

Are you looking to use a Mer semi-rapid charger? We have created a handy video to show you the different steps to charge your electric vehicle on a 25kW Mer semi-rapid charger.

kia ev6

23. June 2022

Why now is a great time to buy an Electric Vehicle – a guide to buying one

The UK’s EV market is booming – with improvements in range, lower prices, and a rapidly expanding charging network. Not only are electric vehicles cheaper to run, but they’re also eco-friendly, increasingly fun and responsive to drive, and can future-proof your transport for years to come. We look at why now is a good time to buy an EV, benefits, and what to look out for when buying one.

22. June 2022

EV Smart Charging: Electric Vehicle Charger Regulation

If you are planning on installing smart charge points for the workplace, you need to be aware that the law is changing. In this blog, we explain what you need to know – and why.

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