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EV Charging Products for Business

Our EV charging products for business are chosen for their reliability, providing a future-proofed EV charging solution to our customers.

Electric fleet vehicle charging

Our smart charging products for fleet and workplaces

Fast charging (AC)

Eve Single EV Charger Post Mounted

Mer Eve Mini

This single socket, compact charge point offers a simple charging solution for the workplace or fleet electric vehicle charging.

Key features

  • 3.7kW-22kW
  • Single socket
  • Clear status indication by full colour display
  • Can be wall mounted or post mounted
  • Load balancing available
  • Access with Plug & Charge or charge card
  • Personalise with company logo
  • Cellular and/or Ethernet connected


(H/W/D) 373 x 242 x 138 mm

Weight: 4kg approx

Mer Dual Socket EV charger

Mer Eve

Ideal for the workplace, fleet and destination charging, the Mer Eve Dual socket charge point is a smart and robust solution for EV charging.

Key features

  • 3.7kW-22kW
  • Dual socket
  • Clear status indication by full colour display
  • Can be wall mounted or post mounted
  • Load balancing available
  • Access with Plug & Charge or charge card
  • Personalise with company logo
  • Cellular and/or Ethernet connected


(H/W/D) 590 x 338 x 230 mm

Weight: 15kg approx

Rapid charging (DC)

Mer Wallbox EV charger

Wallbox (25kW)

The Wallbox EV charging station is compact and powerful. Designed for a quicker turnaround, the Wallbox is perfect for fleet, workplaces and last-mile delivery.

Key features

  • 25kW
  • For drivers requiring a charge in under two hours
  • High voltage charging
  • Space-savings with easy-to-install design
  • Remote software updates
  • Load Balancing
  • Authorisation with a charge card 
  • User-friendly 7-inch colour touch screen
  • Cellular, Ethernet and/or GSM connected
  • Fully compatible with current and future EVs


(H/W/D) 770 x 584 x 294 mm 

Weight: 60kg approx

ABB DC Rapid EV Charger

DC Rapid Charger

An ultra-compact smart charge point for high voltage charging, the Mer DC Rapid Charger is suited to a depot location or for vehicles that need quick and effective charging.

Key features

  • 50kW-300kW
  • Options for CCS-only, CCS-dual and CCS+CHAdeMO dual outlets
  • Delivers output power continuously and reliably over its lifetime
  • Touchscreen display with graphic visualisation of charging session
  • RFID authorisation modes
  • Always connected for remote services, updates and upgrades
  • Customisable user interface
  • Integrated payment terminal


(H/W/D) 1900 x 565 x 880 mm

Weight: 350kg-395kg approx

Home Charging

Charging stations EV

Easee One

Small but powerful, the Easee One is a secure and intelligent charge point, that offers smart charging for the home.

Key features

  • 7kW
  • 24 hour new feature updates
  • Connection to Wi-Fi for ease of control
  • Smart charging app
  • Compatible with the Easee Ready backplate
  • Optimised charging
  • Lock-in lead
  • Five stylish colours


(H/W/D) 255 x 193 x 106 mm

Weight: 1.5kg

Coming Soon

HEVO wireless charging system

HEVO Wireless Charger

Bringing wireless charging to the UK market, the HEVO wireless charge point offers seamless, hassle-free charging for your fleet.

Key features

Management Platform

Mobile App

Diagnostics and analytics


  • 100% wireless charging
  • 2.3kW-8kW
  • LED display
  • Connects directly to grid or DC source
  • Up to 95% grid-to-battery efficiency
  • Wall or post-mounted

Transmitter & Alignment System

  • Parking assistance sensors
  • Flush-mounted or surface-mounted
  • Resonates at 85kHz frequency
  • Foreign Object Detection (FOD)
  • Living Object Protection (LOP)


  • Mounts to underside of vehicle
  • Connects to mobile app
  • Aligns with transmitter for max charging


  • Converts AC to DC (350-450 VDC)
  • Battery Management System


(H/W/D) 597mm x 371mm x 163mm

Weight: 20kg


(H/W/D) 680mm x 762mm x 35.8mm

Weight: 30kg


(H/W/D) 422mm x 400mm x 19mm

Weight: 5.45kg


(H/W/D) 262mm x 182mm x 55mm

Weight: 2.7kg

Our additional products



Our leading back office Operator Portal and Driver Portal, offer charge point owners and electric vehicle drivers a range of features, from charger management to useful online tools such as charge point maps.

Load balancing

Load balancing

We offer three tiers of load balancing to help maximise the available power with our charge points. Load balancing options can help avoid costly power upgrades and future-proof charging networks.

Charger available

Service and maintenance

A key element of our all-in-one EV charging service is our aftercare. Our aftercare service offers on-hand support from the start to ensure your charging experience continues to run smoothly.

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