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EV Charger Installation On Your Business Premises – What’s Involved?

If you’re contemplating EV charger installation at your business premises there are several considerations to work through. We’ve given a brief guide as to what’s involved.

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The UK Electric Car Industry In 2021 & Beyond

The UK electric car industry continues to grow in 2021. Battery prices are going down, car choice is going up. Read our 7 predictions for the future of EVs.

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Electric Car Sales In The UK 2020

Electric car sales in the UK went up in 2020, despite Covid-19. We take a look at the market statistics and 2020’s best selling EVs.

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How To Charge An Electric Car – At Home, Work & In Public

Learn how to charge an electric car, how long it takes, the cost, locations and using the UK public charging network. Read Mer's guide to 2021 EV ownership.

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Fleet Electrification: Challenges and Opportunities Facing Fleet Managers

Our Head of Fleet Transition Giles Benbow looks at the challenges and opportunities facing fleet managers as they gear up to switch to electric vehicles ahead of the Government's accelerated deadline on a ban on ICE sales.

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EV Infrastructure – Is EV Roaming The Key To Widespread Adoption?

EV drivers need to sign-up to multiple charging point operators with multiple charge cards, apps and subscriptions. Are EV roaming agreements the solution?

Charge an electric car at homecharger

Electric Car Tax – What’s In Store For 2021-23?

The UK government offers incentives in the form of electric car tax cuts, grants and exemptions for businesses and employees. Here's what you need to know.

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What Are Clean Air Zones & Is Your Business Affected?

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a UK road/area running special initiatives, or driver penalty fees, to improve air quality. Find out if you are affected.

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The 8 Benefits Of EV Charging Stations For Business You Can’t Ignore

Benefits of EV charging stations for business include customer and employee attraction and retention. Put this green business initiative in your 2021 strategy.

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Why EV Charging could be a game-changer for the parking industry

How can car parking businesses take advantage of the booming electric vehicle market?

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