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EV Home Charging for Business

Support your drivers with a home EV charge point from Mer

Cost-effective and user-friendly home charging solutions to help more employees make the switch to EVs

Employee using home ev charge point for business

Home Charge Solutions From One Expert Partner

Many employees take company vehicles home at the end of their shift. Installing home charging is the best way to ensure these vehicles remain operationally effective, and at the lowest possible cost.

Thanks to our expertise in both workplace and home charging, you can rely on Mer as your trusted partner to fulfil all your needs.

Home Charge for Business

Driver Charging Work Vehicle at Home

Why Provide Home Charging for Your Staff?

If your vehicles are business-critical, they need to start each shift with enough energy in the batteries to complete all assigned tasks. Charging at home is the lowest cost method of achieving this, and it avoids the expense and time of charging while on the road.

  • Enables you to run more EVs in your fleet
  • An easy solution for employees
  • Charging at home costs less than using public chargers
  • Reduces the need for charging during a shift
  • Easy to track expenses
Mer EV Home Charging Experts

Our Home Charging Solution

We are an approved supplier and installer of the Easee One charge point, giving your drivers a compact and intelligent car charger that connects to all major brands of EVs.

A user-friendly app puts your drivers in control and enables them to easily claim back expenses from home charging.

  • XX-week turnaround time
  • Installed by our experts
  • User-friendly expenses payback process
  • Reliable aftercare services
  • Discounts for businesses

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