Driver Charging Work Vehicle at Home

Charging Company Cars at Home  

Why Provide Home Charging for Your Staff?

Companies are making the shift to EVs, and providing home charge points can positively impact employee satisfaction, improve cost-efficiency and fleet productivity, as well as generating a positive outlook for your business. 

Benefits of offering home charging for your employees: 

  • Cost-effective 
  • Increase productivity 
  • Run more EVs in your fleet 
  • Easy to track expenses 
  • Employee satisfaction 

Home Charging is a Cost-Effective Solution

Many employees take company vehicles home at the end of their shifts. Charging at home is a low-cost method of keeping vehicles charged, and it avoids the expense of relying on public charging while on the road. 

Increase Productivity with Home EV Charging

Business-critical vehicles need to start each shift with enough energy in the battery to complete all assigned tasks. Giving employees the ability to charge at home overnight means a full battery at the start of the day and less downtime by reducing the need for charging during a shift. 

Introduce More EVs to Your Fleet Operations

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles to run efficiently, installing home charge points can facilitate the transition to EVs and futureproof your business. Having the capability to charge fleet vehicles at home, means that there will be more availability for extra EVs to use your workplace charging network. 

Track Usage and Expenses with Home Charging

Our user-friendly app puts your drivers in control and enables them to easily claim back expenses from home charging, while giving you visibility of how and when the EV is being charged. 

Employee Satisfaction, Attraction, and Retention

Employee experience and satisfaction is also a benefit of providing home charge points. 

Many employees now think about factors that go beyond a paycheck when considering their work options; sustainability, corporate social responsibility, work-life balance and other perks. 

The option to have a home charging solution can be an attractive perk to potential employees and a valuable benefit for current staff members. It demonstrates that your business is not only environmentally conscious but also forward-thinking. 

EVs can help contribute to improving air quality by producing zero tailpipe co2 emissions – this supports health benefits for your employees. The convenience of being able to charge at home, also means that staff members can balance charging their vehicle for work, while not missing out on being at home. 

EV Home Charging

Best Home Charge Point for Staff

We are an approved supplier and installer of the Zaptec Go home charger.  

Together with Mer, the Zaptec Go gives your drivers a compact and intelligent car charger that connects to all major brands of electric vehicles (EV). 

EV charger installation with Mer is simple: 

  • Quick turnaround time 
  • Installed by our experts 
  • User-friendly expenses payback process 
  • Reliable aftercare services 
  • Discounts for businesses 
  • Installation includes surge protection 

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