EV Charging in the UK 

The government needs local leadership to support the UK’s transition to zero-emission vehicles with EV charge point delivery. Currently, the number of publicly available EV chargers is not where it needs to be to support the UK’s transition.

Our guide is designed to help local authorities get started with EV infrastructure. 

Public charging infrastructure is vital to support EV drivers without access to a charge point at home. 

What’s in the guide to public charging of local authorities?

This guide will help local authorities to start their public EV infrastructure projects and provide essential smart charging solutions to EV drivers. 

What does public EV charging infrastructure, and the UK charging network look like today? 

A look at local councils in the UK that have successfully embarked on their EV charging journeys. 

Mer’s EV charging project toolkit for councils offers 5 steps to getting a charging project off the ground. 

Find out more about what Mer can offer as a trusted EV charging partner. 

Electrify Your Local Authority Fleet

Are you a local authority wanting to get started with your fleet electrification project?

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Electric car charging stations in retail park car park

Public Charging Case Study

Dorset Council Invest in EV Charging

In 2021 Dorset Council set goals for reducing the environmental impact of the county’s transportation, this included investigating the development of small-scale ‘park & ride’ charging hubs with access to public charging points for local residents. 

Learn more in our guide

More coverage means tourists can relax while they’re visiting. [...] We hope this will encourage more EV drivers to explore Dorset

Councillor Ray Bryan, Portfolio Holder for Highways, Travel and Environment at Dorset Council

Download the guide to EV charging for local authorities

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