Accessible EV Charging points for the Workplace 

Provide reliable EV charging points for your staff and visitors with charging solutions tailored to your workplace’s needs.  

We work with you to understand your charging requirements and design an infrastructure solution to keep your employees and visitors charged up and ready to hit the road. 

Workplace EV Charging

Put Your Business on the Map 

Install charging stations at your premises and make them available to the public – putting your business on the map.  

By adding a tariff to your workplace charge points, you can generate extra revenue, supporting your business with the rise in energy prices. 

Find out more about introducing charge point tariffs
Driving Sustainable Change with EV Charging for New Forest District Council

Convenient, Sustainable Charging for Your Workforce 

More drivers are wanting to trade in their ICE vehicle for an electric vehicle. 

Introduce EV charge points to your workplace and support your staff with making the transition to sustainable mobility. Workplace charging can also help increase employee satisfaction as well as employee retention and attraction. 

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Management Made Easy

Leading back office to manage and maintain your chargers 24/7.

Design & Consultancy

A bespoke service to advise and create custom EV charging solutions.

Power First Charging

Load balanced charging to ensure your chargers get enough power.

First-Class Aftercare

Aftercare service that provides reliable support for our customers.

Generate Revenue

Introduce tariffs to generate revenue through charging points.

Electrifying the UK

Experienced in powering the UK’s workplaces with charging infrastructure.

Renewable Energy Integration EV Charging

Showcase Your Sustainability Commitments  

Meet your business’s sustainability goals while also displaying your commitment to green initiatives. Not only can installing workplace charging support with your CSR targets, but it also showcases that your business is serious about supporting the transition to an EV future. 

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Look After the Pennies 

Save on some of the initial cost of installing workplace EV charging by leasing your charge point infrastructure. With Mer, you can pay in manageable installments over a pre-agreed term via a third-party finance agreement. 

Learn more about leasing with Mer

Electrify Your Workforce at Home

With our home charging solution, your staff charge their electric vehicle while they relax at home, and our technology simplifies the process of reclaiming the expense. No risk to them, and optimisation of operational logistics and costs. It’s a win for all.

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Building Trusted Partnerships

City West Commercials tells us why they chose to partner with Mer for their EV charging infrastructure. 

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Workplace EV Charging

Electrifying the Workplace

Case Study: Costain Group 

Costain chose to work with Mer for the installation of EV charging infrastructure across all its UK offices to power its 3,000-strong fleet. Mer provided: 

  • Multi-staged roll-out plan 
  • Future-proofed infrastructure at Costain’s head office 
  • Staff and visitor charging  
  • Back-office software on the Mer network 
Read the full case study
Keeping the UKs EV Drivers Charged

Providing Workplace Charging to UK Businesses

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of EV charging infrastructure depends entirely on individual requirements, for example; how many charge points are needed, if there are any additional power requirements.  

Our charging experts work with you to create a tailored strategy and charging solution for your commercial premises, that will provide accessible charging for EV drivers. 

In 2022 the UK implemented new rules mandating the installation of electric vehicle charging points in all new commercial buildings with parking spaces. For renovations in buildings with 10 or more parking spaces, one charging point is required for every 5 spaces.  

And from 2025, existing commercial buildings with more than 20 parking spaces must have at least one charging point installed. 

Charge point power and charging speed is dependent on location and grid availability. 

There are two types of charge points available – fast (AC) 3.7kW-22kW and rapid (DC) 22kW-300kW. 

An AC charger could power a car in 4+ hours, while a DC charger is better for a quick turnaround. The type of charge points you install depends entirely on the charging capability you wish to offer EV drivers. Our charging experts will help you consider what type of charging is best for your site by establishing a customer’s average dwell time, for example, a retail park might offer DC charging to customers who may typically spend 45-120 minutes at your destination. 

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