Simple, Cost-Effective Workplace Charging 

Workplaces across the UK are investing in EV charge points to encourage electric vehicle uptake amongst staff and help meet their business’s sustainability targets by transitioning their fleet vehicles to electric. However, embarking on a workplace charging project can be complex. It’s important to feel confident in your chosen CPO (charge point operator).  

In this guide, we address some key point to consider before starting on your journey to workplace EV charging. 

What’s in the workplace charging guide?

How to establish the corporate objectives for EV charging infrastructure.

How much power are you currently using, and how much more will you need? 

Surveying your site allows charging providers to advise on the best solution for you. 

Find out more about what Mer can offer as a trusted EV charging partner. 

Workplace EV Charging

Workplace charging case study

Costain Chooses Mer as its Sustainable Charging Partner

Costain has committed to creating a greener future and has pledged to switch its own vehicles to electric (EVs) to be net zero by 2035 at the latest. To help achieve this goal, Costain contacted Mer for support with its charging infrastructure roll out. 

Learn more in our guide

Their [Mer’s] collaborative approach gives me confidence that the relationship will continue to develop and that they will be key to helping us achieve our target for a net zero company car fleet by 2030

Mark Ashenden, Head of Supply Chain: Fleet and Plant at Costain

Download the guide to EV charging for the workplace

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