Charging Point Solutions for Commercial Landowners

We work with commercial property developers, and commercial landowners to plan and install commercial EV charger infrastructure at retail parks, forecourts, leisure & hospitality businesses, commercial properties, and more.

EV drivers want to see rapid chargers en route to their destination. Many drivers rely on public charge points due to not having charging capability at home.

Now is the time for commercial developers and landlords to put their premises on the EV infrastructure charging map.

Woman Using Commercial EV Infrastructure Charger for Car

Providing a Simple Experience for Commercial Landowners

We take care of everything, from grid connection through to installation and management of charging point(s). 

We work with you to analyse and advise on the best location and most suitable EV infrastructure and charging hardware for commercial land.

EV Charging Site - Workers Planning and Designing Commercial EV Infrastructure

Ensuring Your Site is Future-Proofed with Quality Solutions

Our development team will create a site design. This shows the electrical infrastructure (substation and feeder pillar connections), and the proposed chargers’ location, complete with additional accessories. 

At Mer, we select the best technology and safety equipment available and ensure your site is future-proofed, choosing quality over price to ensure reliability. 

Woman sitting on boot of EV while charging car - Commercial EV Infrastructure

Generate Additional Revenue Through Attractive Commercial Propositions

Our fully-funded model offers a profit share, base rent, or a combination of both for a guaranteed additional income stream. 

Our competitive base rent for each charging bay is there to provide you with a minimum income throughout the contract term. 

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We offer a simple, streamlined experience for all our commercial landowners customers and electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

Funded Solutions

We can provide various funded EV packages for the latest hardware technology that will generate additional revenue.

100% Green Energy

A helping hand with your CSR through EV charging, zero carbon 100% green energy and Statkraft’s strong credentials.


We are fully committed to the sustainable growth of the UK’s public EV charging network and infrastructure.


We believe supporting our customers is key, which is why our customer service phone line is available 24/7.


Our mission to be good for the world is a core part of our DNA. We are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact. 

Alfen eve Fast AC Charge Point

Reliable Commercial EV Chargers

Fast AC Chargers
  • Charging power from 7.4kW to 22kW
  • Charge up to 2 vehicles at once
  • Pay with the app/charge card
  • Compact hardware
Rapid Charging Point for Electric Vehicles

Robust Charging Points Designed to Last

Semi-Rapid, Rapid/Ultra-Rapid DC Chargers
  • EV drivers preferred solution
  • Charging power from 25kW to 350kW
  • Load-balanced DC charging
  • Range of hardware available
  • Multiple connectors
  • Contactless payment from 50kW
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Family Charging their EV at a Mer Charge Point

Offering More Than Just Charge Points in the Ground

Other Services for Commercial Premises
  • Site survey
  • Advice on the best hardware for the location
  • Co-branding options
  • Packages with a maintenance plan
  • Management of the infrastructure
  • Analysis for expansion

Funded EV Solution Packages

We offer fully funded, part funded and customer funded packages for commercial charging solutions


We install
We manage
You get a profit share


We install
We manage
You invest


We install & manage
Payment options
Fully managed service

Young Man Uses Mer Rapid Charger

Our Mission is to Make Sustainable Electric Mobility Easy and Accessible to Everyone

Here is how we do it
  • Invest in the UK EV charging infrastructure 
  • Build hubs with multiple chargers to increase availability and reliability 
  • Champion and develop roaming agreements, maximising the ease for all drivers charging 
  • Operate a reliable, popular, and easy-to-use network  
  • Give drivers the choice to charge on our network as registered customers or via Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG). 
  • Offer multiple charging & payment methods 
  • Provide a customer service phone line, 24/7 
EV Infrastructure | Commercial Landowners

Case Study: IWG

As electric vehicle use becomes more widespread, charging facilities at workspaces are becoming a necessity.

IWG are committed to being fully carbonneutral within five years. They understand that clients will find it easier to make sustainable transport choices if several of their sites provided EV charging stations. IWG chose to partner with Mer, to support them with this roll-out. 

Read the Full Case Study
Statkraft renewable energy turbine

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Growth

Our Drive to be Good For the World is a Core Part of Our DNA

We source our electricity from our sister company, Bryt Energy, also part of the Statkraft group. Bryt Energy’s zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity is sourced solely from Solar, Wind, and Hydro meaning customers can report zero carbon emissions for electricity consumption under Scope 2 carbon emissions under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol market-based method.

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Supporting Recognised Landowners Across the UK

Providing Charging Solutions, Creating Valuable Partnerships

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