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EV Charging For Business – What Are The Costs & ROI?

27 April 2021 BlogEV for Business

When is it the right time to install EV charging stations for business? And how can you earn back the investment? In this blog, we cover everything you need to know.

There are a reported 373,600 plug-in cars on UK roads. And an average of 12,100 new plug-ins were registered each month throughout 2020, with fast-paced growth showing no signs of slowing down (Oct 2020 data).

Sooner rather than later, in order to support such growth, businesses and consumers are going to need a suitable network of charging points of various speeds in every type of location, including workplaces, retail outlets, hotels and the like.

The questions many businesses are likely now deliberating are:

  • When is it the right time to facilitate EV charging stations at our business premises?
  • What are the costs to take into consideration?
  • What benefits can it bring us and our staff?
  • How do we earn back the investment?

EV Charging for Businesses

The complete guide for workplace EV charging: The benefits it brings to businesses and how best to develop a charging strategy.

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