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Electric Vehicle Fleet Charging

End to end solution for transitioning your fleet to electric vehicles whilst optimising your charging infrastructure

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Fleet EV Consultancy

Wide Range of Hardware

Leasing Options

Fleet Portal Offering Vehicle and Charging Management

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Electric Vehicle Charging Points for Fleet 

We design a solution optimised to your specific needs: A system delivering reliable electric fleet charging solutions helping to reduce the total cost of ownership.

We have a wide range of charging solutions and can guarantee uptime for critical vehicles by combining the best quality hardware and our fleet specific portalWe offer Fleet Transition Consultancy and then design the right infrastructure to accommodate your fleet needs.  

Our EV Charging Solutions

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Our EV Chargers

  • Fast chargers (7 – 22 kW) suitable for overnight charging 
  • Rapid/Ultra Rapid chargers (50 – 600 kW). We can develop solutions tailored to your depot’s requirements 
  • Innovative space saving solutions: overhead charging gantries, mobile chargers. Dynamic charging – automated power sharing allows multiple vehicles to recharge simultaneously 
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Mer Electric Charging Portals

  • Access to our Fleet EV Portal to create a charging schedule to ensure each vehicle has the optimal range for its purpose 
  • Integration with your business platforms via API 
  • Reporting for CSR and HR purposes 
  • Manage your charging stations and users 
  • Remote fault diagnostics and resolution 
  • Multi-site billing (work, public, home charging) 
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EV Services

  • Fleet analysis to strategise the vehicle transition, identifying an order and timeline for the electric vehicles 
  • Home charge points for your employees with automatised billing to the business 
  • 100% zero carbon renewable energy supply 
  • 24/7 UK based customer service 
  • Public rapid network accessible to your drivers 

Why us >

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Energy Optimisation

Our fleet portal enables real-time optimisation of chargers, vehicles, and energy generation assets. The system ensures that the vehicles are charged from the most cost-effective source.

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iDNO Partners

We work with selected iDNO partners to unlock the added value that an iDNO can bring.

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Our fleet experts have helped businesses like yours develop fleet transition plans and implemented charging solutions.

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100% Renewable Energy

We offer zero carbon, 100% renewable energy supply solely from hydro, solar or wind sourced by Statkraft energy businesses.

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Combined Packages

If you are looking to maximise convenience and cost savings we can offer you tailor packages of charging, storage and electricity.

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Green Ambition

We are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact, balancing where we need to go with what is right to do.

ev charging private landowners

Fleet Consultancy

Wide Range of Hardware

Leasing Options

Fleet Portal Offering Vehicle and Charging Management

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EV solutions that feel simple, suitable, sustainable — just right.

Mer public rapid charger

14. October 2021

Public EV Charging: Best Practices In Northern Europe

What can the UK learn from Sweden, Norway, and Germany’s experiences with public EV charging infrastructure and electric vehicle uptake?

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12. October 2021

Public vs Private EV Charging

A Guide to Whether Private or Public EV Charging is Right for You.

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11. October 2021

IWG plc and Mer team up to bring flexible EV charging to flexible working spaces

Electric Vehicle charging specialists Mer have teamed up with the world’s largest flexible workspace provider IWG plc to bring cutting edge charging facilities to their clients.

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