Experts in Aiding the Transition of Emergency Fleet Vehicles to Electric

Fully integrated infrastructure is essential to ensure the blue light sector runs smoothly, and we provide the necessary tools to maintain operational optimisation. 

Our experience underpins our solutions, enabling us to implement and maintain EV goals for emergency fleet vehicles across the UK. 

Value in Your Infrastructure

Hardware with longevity will save costs over time. 

24/7 Aftercare Support

Feel reassured with our 24/7 aftercare support.

Measurable Sustainability

Our solutions help you meet your environmental goals. 

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Tailored Plans for Emergency Sector EV Fleets 

In this unique sector, a different approach to electric vehicle charging is required, and our proven record of supporting the emergency services in EV fleet charging projects is unrivalled.  

Our project management team is committed from the outset, giving operational peace of mind through to implementation. This includes: 

  • site surveys 
  • power availability 
  • DNO connection 
  • service Level Agreements (SLAs) 
  • aftercare plan 
Learn more about electrifying the emergency services
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Realistic Planning for a Response Fleet Electrified Future 

To replace every vehicle in an emergency response fleet is not a realistic short-term goal. We understand that, so a measured approach is necessary.  

An achievable plan must include consideration of future needs, cost implications, and infrastructure requirements. Transitioning non-emergency vehicles early, with a long-term strategy towards full electrification is an approach adopted widely across emergency response bodies in the UK.  

See our guide on EV charging for the emergency services

Electrifying Blue Light Fleets

We have experience with fleets in many industries.

Tailored Charging Packages 

We will solution the best strategy for your fleet. 

Planning for the Electric Future

We will prepare your infrastructure for growth.  

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Reduce EV Fleet Costs with Lease Plans and Financial Models

Switching to an electric fleet can be costly if you are ill-informed. 

At Mer, we minimise risk by: 

  • laying out the total cost of ownership 
  • providing options that meet your needs 
  • advising of grants and funding opportunities 
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Utilise Smart EV Charging Technology

Once installed, load balancing technology will future-proof your operations by: 

  • managing power distribution 
  • providing flexibility for expansion 
  • reducing costly DNO upgrades 
Learn more about how load balancing works

What’s in the Electrifying the Emergency Services Guide?

Our comprehensive guide to emergency services EV charging, advises blue light fleet operators on fleet electrification strategy. 

We outline the core reasons and benefits for a switch to electric, and how to get started.

We confirm which emergency sector fleet vehicles can be changed to EVs.

We explain how to develop an EV charging strategy to support your electric fleet.

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Blue Light Solutions

Case Study: NTW Foundation Trust 

NTW Solutions (a service run by NTW Foundation Trust) has a fleet of 1,400 cars and 90 service vehicles. The fleet ranges from pool cars to commercial vehicles. 

The Trust required charge points across 13 sites, with the ability to set different tariffs for different usage.  

Mer delivered: 

  • site surveys across all 13 sites to establish a strategy 
  • smart chargers with multiple tariff capabilities 
  • back-office software platform to meet data analytics needs 
Read the full case study

EV Charging for the Emergency Services Sector Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Power availability can present an issue. There may be a need to bring in additional power with a new DNO connection. However, to prevent delays to the project, Mer would advise on installing load balanced charge points. 

Active load balancing and smart charging is a perfect solution to effectively balance the available power at your site. 

Mer will help you plan your  infrastructure strategically. In the case of blue light service vehicle charging, we recommend where to install charge points in key locations throughout the region – for example, A&E departments. 

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