Backed by Statkraft, we offer our partners the opportunity to be part of Europe’s answer to a sustainable mobility future. 

We understand your journey to an electric fleet is about more than transitioning vehicles and share your values – we endeavour to help meet your business’s sustainability goals.  

With our charging solutions for electric heavy goods vehicles (HGV), trucks, light commercial vehicles (LCV) and electric buses, your fleet will continue to run smoothly, and sustainably. 

electric hgv charging

End-to-End Solution: EV Charging for Electric HGVs, LCVs, and Bus 

Get it right from the start.  

We provide support from the get-go, working with you to understand your charging requirements and develop a tailored strategy to suit your fleet’s needs; whether it’s infrastructure for your depot or planning dedicated commercial vehicle charging stations along operational routes. 

Our end-to-end solution allows us to fully assess your site(s) and offer an honest evaluation of potential requirements, such as power upgrades and new grid connections. 

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Bespoke Design and Consultancy Services 

Let us do the legwork.  

Our design and consultancy service takes the information gathered from the site surveys and enables us to produce a comprehensive plan for your charging infrastructure project.  

We can provide your business with AI imagery of the infrastructure, specification of your charging hardware requirements, advice and guidance on solar integration and battery storage.  

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Sustainability at the Core

We share your mission to make your business operations sustainable.

Fleet First Infrastructure

Site assessment ensures your fleet gets the right chargers and power.

Design & Consultancy

Develop a plan tailored to your commercial vehicle charging needs.

At Base and Along the Way

Understand your depot needs and develop on-route charging plans.

Tried & Tested Hardware

Keep operations running smoothly with reliable charging hardware.

Generate Extra Revenue

Open your depot chargers to third-party users for extra revenue.

Commercial electric HGV driver

Charging Your Commercial EV at Every Stage 

Never miss a charge. 

Many commercial vehicles will likely require top-ups while spanning the length of the UK’s roads. We can work with your business to install charge point stations and EV infrastructure at key pit stops along the routes of your operations, to ensure you never miss a charge. 

Alpitronic EV Charger

On-going Reliability with Future-Proofed EV Chargers 

Don’t let your business’ fleet operations slow down.  

We only work with the most reliable, tried-and-tested, high power charging equipment to ensure your commercial fleet stays on the road. Our ultra-rapid charger is an innovative, cost-effective unit with up to 500 kW power output, perfect for charging heavy commercial vehicles. 

And with our back-office software, we can ensure that your charge points are working sufficiently, with optimum uptime.  

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What's in the EV Charging Infrastructure for Commercial EVs and HGV Guide?

The government is propelling a UK-wide EV charging infrastructure roll-out in line with the country’s transition to zero-emission vehicles. Our guide is designed to help fleet managers get started with EV infrastructure for their commercial and heavy goods fleet. 

What is propelling the shift to electrifying CVs and HGVs in the UK? 

Where will commercial vehicles and HGVs charge on the road? 

Could depot charging work for you? Getting the charging infrastructure right for your fleet.

Electric IKEA delivery van charging at EV charge point

Case Study: IKEA 

We have supported IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, on its journey to an electric future. 

  • Installation of Mer rapid chargers  
  • Charging posts located at every IKEA store  
  • Charging infrastructure at Dartford Customer Distribution Centre 
Read the full case study

Delivering Charging Solutions for Commercial Vehicles

Frequently Asked Questions

Mer carry out a full assessment of your site(s), to establish whether you have the right amount of available power. We can advise you on the next steps, such as power upgrades and new grid connections. 

Depending on the type of commercial vehicle you are operating, you will require a different charging strategy and charge points. Every fleet is different, and Mer will work with you to find the right solution for your charging needs. 

The cost of installing EV charging infrastructure depends entirely on the commercial vehicles you will be charging. Our experts work with you to create a tailored strategy and charging solution to support your needs, that will help reduce costs and keep your vehicles on the road.

Contact us and one of charging experts will be in touch

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