All-in-One Charging Solutions for Logistics Fleets 

Keep your fleet operations running smoothly with our all-in-one tailored solutions for last mile fleets.  

From the outset, our fleet experts work with you to create a strategy that supports your requirements and delivers results that allow you to focus on running your business.  

Charging Software Management

Efficiently manage your fleet with real-time data.

24/7 Aftercare Support

Feel reassured with our 24/7 aftercare support.

Electrifying Logistics Fleets

We have experience with fleets in many industries.

last mile solutions ev charging

Expertly Powering Sustainable Delivery Vehicles 

It’s vital that the logistics management team understand the infrastructure and power needed to charge multiple electric vehicles. Without this knowledge the risk of an operational failure is real.  

At Mer, we support businesses through the entire process of their charging infrastructure project to ensure challenges are recognised, and solutions are found. We know each project is unique and requires a tailored solution, that’s why businesses like IKEA, Milk & More, and DX Delivery have chosen to work with us.  

From site audits to 24/7 aftercare, we can help.  

Get the guide to delivering your last mile EV charging goals
Last Mile Delivery Driver

Plan for the Future of Your Last Mile EV Fleet 

Our expert team understands that every fleet is different.  

Electrifying logistics fleets and embarking on a charge point infrastructure project is a huge undertaking. An accurate picture of costs, risks, and benefits must be highlighted before any decision is made.  

We provide the knowledge and reassurance required, as well as the technical know-how to implement the right solution for you.  

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Power First for Last Mile

We ensure you get enough power for your fleet. 

EV Fleet Future Proofing

Grow with realistic and achievable targets. 

Reduce Operational Costs

Reduce long-term costs with lasting infrastructure.

An Introduction to Electric Commercial Vehicles and Electric HGVs

Reduce Costs with EV Charging and Business Grants 

Last mile deliveries can present unexpected costs when managed poorly, especially when cities across the UK are now embracing LEZ (Low Emission Zones) and CAZ (Clean Air Zones).  

Our advice on grants and funding available for EV fleet charging is a valuable resource to help you mitigate risks before you implement a strategy. The benefits include: 

  • £350 towards each socket 
  • £500 per bay for supporting infrastructure. 
  • Up to £15,000 per site 
Learn about grants for EV fleet charging

What’s in the EV Charging for Last Mile Logistics Guide? 

Logistics companies are embracing the green revolution and recognising the value of switching to sustainable delivery fleets. 

Our EV charging for last mile guide is designed to upskill logistics managers, helping them to see the big picture and how it impacts their own operations. Inside you’ll find: 

Understanding the challenges and solutions around power, choosing the right charges and how to plan for EV charging implementation.

Get to know charge point reporting and monitoring, and more about Mer’s aftercare service.

Get to know charge point reporting and monitoring, and more about Mer’s aftercare service.

Electric IKEA delivery van charging at EV charge point

Electric Last Mile Solutions

Case Study: IKEA 

We have supported IKEA, the world’s largest furniture retailer, on its journey to an electric future.

  • Installation of Mer rapid chargers 
  • Charging posts located at every IKEA store 
  • Charging infrastructure at Dartford Customer Distribution Centre 
Read the full case study

Last Mile Logistics Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

Mer carry out a full assessment of your site(s), to establish whether you have the right amount of available power. We can advise you on the next steps, such as power upgrades and new grid connections. 

The cost of EV charging infrastructure depends entirely on a fleet’s individual requirements. Our fleet charging experts work with you to create a tailored strategy and charging solution for your EV delivery fleet, that will help with reducing costs while keeping your fleet operations running smoothly.

Different fleet operations will require different types of charge points. Depending on the usage of your EV fleet vehicles, you may need a combination of slow, fast and rapid charge points.

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