Striving for Environmentally Friendly Delivery 

The last mile delivery sector is the perfect fit for electrification thanks to low daily driving ranges and defined routes with predictable schedules. That’s why many logistics operators are already introducing electric vans into their fleets. Making delivery more environmentally friendly on these short routes between the transportation hub and the final destination.    

In our guide fleet operators can find everything about planning, installing, and maintaining EV infrastructure to keep last mile delivery fleets powered for business-essential journeys. 

IKEA electric vehicle charging at Mer charge point

Case Study Electric Last Mile Solutions

Creating IKEA’s Bespoke Last Mile Electrification Infrastructure

To support IKEA’s stated aim of reaching 100% zero emission deliveries by 2025, Mer worked with IKEA to understand the power requirements of each store and identify where grid connection upgrades were needed. Mer’s analysis of how vehicles operated at each depot, enabled an accurate calculation of how many rapid chargers and fast chargers IKEA would need, which Mer is installing.  

Learn more in our guide

We look forward to supporting the IKEA team and, importantly, its customers in making sure last-mile deliveries are efficient and emission-free.

Natasha Fry, Head of Sales, Mer UK Fleet and Workplace Charging

Download the guide to last mile fleet electrification

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