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EV Infrastructure – Is EV Roaming The Key To Widespread Adoption?

EV drivers need to sign-up to multiple charging point operators with multiple charge cards, apps and subscriptions. Are EV roaming agreements the solution?

Despite COVID-19 leading to a drop in new car registrations, 2020 saw continued growth of pure-EV and hybrid sales.

However, the UK still faces many barriers in its journey towards widespread driver adoption.

One such issue is the state of UK EV infrastructure. The current public charging station user experience leaves a lot to be desired. EV drivers are faced with needing to sign-up to multiple charging point operators (CPOs), many with their own unique access and payment requirements (charge cards, apps, subscriptions etc.).

UK Government watchdog, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), have recently acknowledged that charge point anxiety is a key concern when it comes to drivers making the switch to electric.

In today’s society, users have come to expect simplicity and ease-of-use as standard – and will steer clear of disjointed and time-consuming services.

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