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Electric Vehicle Workplace Charging

Improve your corporate social responsibility and offer “better charging” by working with a customer centric EV charging partner.

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Our Electric Car Charging Points for Businesses

The UK is set to ban the sale of new internal combustion engine (ICE) models from 2030 and it won’t be long until you will need a suitable network of charging points. Doing it correctly is vital for you, your business and the environment.

Owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest generator of renewable energy, we make going green simple and work towards an accessible experience for you and your drivers. We offer a complete service from the grid connection through to supply and installations of charge point(s).

Our EV Charging Solutions

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Fast Chargers

  • For drivers staying a few hours of more
  • Charging power from 3.7kW to 22kW
  • Wide range of hardware with load balancing options
  • Internet enabled smart charging and OCCP compliant hardware
  • Small hardware, minimal installation work
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Class Leading Back-Office

  • Manage your charging stations and users
  • Reporting tool for CSR and HR purposes
  • Accommodate multiple user types including company cars, fleet and guests
  • Multi-site billing (work, public and home charging)
  • Remote fault diagnostics and resolution
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  • 100% zero carbon renewable energy supply
  • 24/7 UK based customer service
  • Maintenance plans and SLAs
  • Nationwide installers network
  • Growing public rapid network accessible to your drivers

Why us >

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Workplace Charging

Support the transition to electric vehicles by providing EV charging where it is convenient for drivers to charge. This service can serve the needs of your staff, fleet and visitors. Why not generate extra revenue by opening your EV charge points to the public.

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Class-Leading Solutions

We offer the best hardware manufacturers paired with our class-leading back-office to offer you reliable, smart, scalable and future-proof charging infrastructure.

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We have developed leading EV charging networks in Northern Europe including Germany and Norway, (Europe’s market leader for EV ownership ) where we have over 10 years of experience.

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100% Renewable Energy

We offer zero carbon, 100% sustainable energy supply solely from hydro, solar or wind sourced by Statkraft energy businesses.

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Combined Packages

If you are looking to maximise convenience and cost savings we can offer you tailor packages of charging, storage and electricity.

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Green Ambition

We are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact, balancing where we need to go with what is right to do.

public car charging points

Wide Range of Hardware

Funding Options

OZEV Approved

Customer Support 24/7

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EV solutions that feel simple, suitable, sustainable — just right.

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