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Why so many fleet managers are taking charge with Mer.

On your journey to an electric fleet, you’ll need a different way to keep your vehicles moving. Our end-to-end EV charging solutions are tailor-made for your new e-fleet. Experts in our field, we are there to help you take charge, from consultation through to install and beyond. Simple and hassle free.

Understanding your fleet strategy

We can help you navigate the needs of your fleet as you grow and provide a solution for the direction you’re going in.

Round-the-clock support

We’re here for you all the way, even if it’s years down the line. We also have a 24/7 helpline to make sure you’re always moving.

A seamless software platform

We’ve invested in our Operator Portal to help you manage, monitor and collect useful data from your charge points.

Charging that doesn’t cost the earth

We have a range of finance options to help you get started and can support you to unlock government grants.

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We know reliability is key and we’re proud to install the very best EV charge point hardware out there.

Reliability comes as standard.

We know our premium equipment is reliable because it’s tried and tested. But quality doesn’t just end with our high-tech hardware. It starts with Mer’s first-class customer service and ends with our aftercare.

Trusted by some of the UK’s largest fleets.

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