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Unitmovements Builds EV Charging Network for Last Mile Fleet

Home delivery services provider Unitmovements continues its long-term partnership with Mer to keep its last mile operations fleet on the road.
Unitmovements van

The Client

Unitmovements is a leading 2-man home delivery services provider, operating 7 days a week, 362 days a year. With a fleet capable of adapting to the demands of both the rural Welsh countryside and urban cities across Wales and the Southwest, the company offer warehousing, storage, and timed delivery services for its customers. It operates sites in Cardiff, Avonmouth, Bristol, Launceston and Exeter, and has a delivery success rate of 99.8%. Unitmovements is the sole home delivery operator for IKEA Wales.  

With an environmental policy that commits to seeking the best environmental practices possible, Unitmovements is dedicated to taking steps to reducing its carbon footprint. It invested in 29 fully electric delivery vehicles for its last mile delivery operations, and first turned to Mer in 2018 to provide reliable, future-fit and scalable charging infrastructure to power its new vehicles.  

The Solution

Mer initially installed one 22kW dual electric vehicle (EV) charge point at Unitmovement’s Exeter site.  

After a successful start to its EV fleet transition, Unitmovements asked Mer to install additional chargers at three other sites. Mer quickly installed three 22kW dual charge point and one 54kW rapid charge point at its sites in Cardiff and Avonmouth, and one 22kW dual charger at its Launceston site.  

With a core focus on ensuring customers receive their products on time, Unitmovements’ fleet is business critical. It must be operational and ready to go at any time.  Charger uptime is therefore crucial, to ensure Unitmovements can carry out its service to the high standard its customers expect. Under its aftercare plan, Mer is responsible for maintaining and managing the charge points on the Unitmovements network. The charge points have self-healing functionality, and Mer’s dedicated and experienced Operations team can take care of any issues that cannot be dealt with remotely.  

Our Mer charging infrastructure has enabled Unitmovements to increase our zero emissions deliveries to almost 70% within a small space of time.

Mer’s back-office portal offers Unitmovements a detailed overview of its charge point network, and provides live data on usage, analytics, CO2 saved and energy used.

“When considering the transition to an electric fleet we understood the importance of partnering with the right team to ensure our infrastructure would enable a smooth implementation with zero disruption to our customers. Our Mer charging infrastructure has enabled Unitmovements to increase our zero emissions deliveries to almost 70% within a small space of time. As we move towards 100%, we have peace of mind knowing the charging infrastructure and aftercare is with Mer. We deem the charging infrastructure equally important as the vehicles themselves.

“Mer has been a real asset in assisting Unitmovements understand the infrastructure required to maintain the fleet of vehicles we currently operate along with future planned increases. This service has carried through from implementation to daily operation requirements. No query or issue is too big or small and immediate assistance is always available.”  – Gareth Allsopp, Director of Operations at Unitmovements 

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