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Eco-Friendly Things To Do Whilst Charging Your EV

What can electric vehicle (EV) drivers do to pass time whilst their vehicles are plugged in, and help our planet at the same time?

When charging your EV on the public network, whether for 30 minutes or a few hours, you may find yourself wondering how best to spend the time. Why not spend it being eco-friendly? 

We have put together a list of sustainable, eco-friendly things you can do whilst your vehicle is plugged in. 

For Fast Charges Of Less Than 1 Hour

Top Up Your Reusable Cup And Bottle

Remember to take your reusable mug/cup/flask with you when out and about. If you drop by at the nearby amenities for a coffee, tea, or cold beverage, you will not have to buy single use plastics and can instead use your reusable containers. 

Learn Something New

Enjoy the sunny weather in the summer or keep warm in your vehicle in the winter whilst learning more about how we can tackle the climate crisis and picking up some tips on how to live more sustainably. Try The Climate Question podcast by the BBC World Service, The Rewild Podcast by Rewilding Europe, and Bloomberg’s Zero podcast. Or, read Jen Chillingsworth’s Live Green: 52 steps for a more sustainable life. 

Water Nearby Plants And Flowers

Keep a small watering can in your boot and water the plants and flowers in the green spaces around the charging site. 

Plan Your Onward Journey

Setting a route for the journey ahead will help reduce your travel mileage and therefore mean your EV’s emission footprint is reduced.  

For Longer Charges of 1+ hours

Walk To A Nearby Food Market/Supermarket That Stocks Local Produce

When we eat local produce, we are reducing carbon emissions through reduced food mileage. And, when supporting businesses that grow and produce food from local sources, you are helping maintain local green spaces and farmland. Find out where the nearest store to your charging site is on farmshop.uk.com or nationaltrust.org.uk. And, always keep a few reusable shopping bags in the boot of your EV, so you do not have to buy plastic bags. 

Shop At A Nearby Second-Hand Store Or Take Preloved Clothes To A Clothing Bank

Getting the most out of our products will help support the circular economy. Whilst your vehicle charges, you could drop off some pre-loved items at a charity shop and second-hand shop (think clothes, children’s toys and games, books, DVDs, kitchenware), or drop off your clothes at a clothing bank, rather than throwing them away. Whilst you are there, you can pick up something new to support second-hand shopping. 

Head To A Local Composting Site

Composting helps get rid of garden waste, plant-based kitchen waste, as well as paper and cardboard. Even better, composting is a soil improver, it cuts down on the environmental impact of transport processing compared to throwing waste in the bin, and it reduces biodegradable waste going to landfill. Try composting at home, and whilst your vehicle charges you could visit a local community compost to dispose of your compost.

Volunteer At A Conservation Site

Spend a few hours volunteering at a nearby conservation site. Get involved in woodland restoration, gardening, species surveying and more to protect your local area and support your community in its efforts to be more environmentally friendly. 

Participate In A Local Clean Up 

Litter is harmful to animals and it takes years to breakdown. The RSPCA receive ten calls per day on average regarding animals affected by litter, but they estimate the actual number is much higher. Whether it be on the beach, at the park or along the street, grab a litter picker and take the time to clean up your neighbourhood. CleanupUK, a charity that brings volunteers together to tackle litter problems, has several hubs across the UK. 

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