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EV charging infrastructure best practice: learnings from Norway

83.7% of cars sold in Norway in January 2022 were electric. What’s the secret to Norway’s success?

Despite being one of the world’s coldest countries, and therefore not very suitable for battery operated electric vehicles (EVs), Norway has defied the odds to become the first country to see the sale of EVs overtake those powered by petrol, diesel and hybrid engines. No other country has more EVs per capita. 

The Norwegian government was also the first to announce a ban on the sale of new ICE vehicles by 2025. 

2021 sales data reveals another record year in sales – with 64.5% of all new cars sold being fully electric. Tesla overtook Volkswagen as the number one selling car brand after an 11 year reign.  

And in January of this year EVs took a massive 83.7% share, with plug-in models representing 19/20 of the top vehicles sold. Despite prior competition between fully electric and hybrid models, Norway’s 2022 budget reducing the tax benefit for hybrids, resulted in drivers moving towards pure electric – with hybrid sales market share falling from 19% to 6.6% in the same month. 

So, are Norwegians more passionate about going green than the rest of the world – or do they just like the incentives? 

“Norway is a country with a widespread population, high mountains and a climate with snow and ice in the winters […] but it really does work, we have been able to build the (EV charging) infrastructure”

Nicholai Jorgensen, Mer Norway AS

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