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The Best Electric Commercial Vehicles

With so many businesses looking to switch their fleets to electric by 2030, we review some of the best electric commercial vehicles on offer in 2023.


Best Electric Commercial Vehicles

*Updated May 2023


The UK is racing forward with the move to electric vehicles (EV) and many businesses are looking to become a part of the EVolution by switching their fleets to EVs.

However, one of the biggest challenges for the commercial sector is still that of choice. Although the number of EV commercial vehicles is growing, they are still lagging behind the passenger EV market, with range often being cited as one of the barriers to commercial vehicle operators. There is a lot to consider for a business when looking to convert their fleet, with priorities such as load size, charging speed, driving range and running costs only a few examples of the factors that should be taken into account.

We have selected a range of some of the best commercial electric vans currently available or coming to the market soon.


Small electric vans

Nissan e-NV200

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price range: £31,555 – £35,755

Range: 187 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 7 hours 30 minutes
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 40-60 minutes

Load capacity: Up to 4.2m3

Payload: 705kg


One of the first commercial vehicles on the UK market, the Nissan e-NV200 is still going strong and has been the commercial vehicle of choice for many early-adopter organisations.

With its updated battery (40kWh), the e-NV200 has a range of up to 187 miles. Plugged into a rapid charger this van can reach 80% charge in just 60 minutes. Both cost-effective and practical, it is an incredibly capable alternative to your typical ICE van. With a cargo capacity of up to 4.2m3, it’s ideal for a small business carrying out urban deliveries looking to transition their fleet.


Renault ZOE Van E-tech

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £30,495

Range: 245 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 3 hours 30 minutes
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 45 minutes

Load capacity: 1m3

Payload: 486kg


The ZOE Van E-tech has a range of 245 miles with its 50kWh battery, helping make range anxiety a thing of the past.

This small EV from Renault is the UK’s only 100% electric car-derived van. The interior is clean and simple, designed with comfort in mind. There’s a large display screen on the front dashboard, but the technology inside this van doesn’t feel like overkill. The generous space at the back allows for great storage room to transport your cargo.

The ZOE Van is the perfect car/van crossover.


Citroën e-Berlingo Van

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £32,315

Range: 171 miles

Charging capability

  • AC Fast Charge (7kW, empty to full): 7 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (50kW, 20%-80%): 40 minutes

Load capacity: 3.3m3 to 4.4m3

Payload: up to 800kg


The e-Berlingo Van is available in two models: the e-Berlingo M has a maximum load length of 1817mm, whilst the XL has that of 2167mm, and both have an internal height of 1243mm

This van is easy to handle, as the batteries are mounted beneath the floor, meaning the centre of gravity is lower, and it boasts a smart interior using high-quality texture plastics. Driver convenience is assured through the 8.0in touchscreen infotainment system, which supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and the built-in sat-nav.

In terms of charging, this model supports rapid charging speeds of up to 100kWh, enabling an 80% charge in only 30 minutes.


Peugeot e-Partner

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £27,835

Range: 171 miles

Charging Capability

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW, full charge): 5 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (50kw): 40 minutes

Load capacity: up to 4.4m3

Payload: 800kg


With its generous payload, low running costs and multiple drive modes, the Peugeot e-Partner offers convenience and flexibility.

Drivers of the e-Partner can choose from the Professional Premium trim and the Asphalt Premium trim. The use of sound-deadening material makes for a quiet drive without compromising on responsiveness, as its full 192lb ft of torque is available immediately when you press the accelerator.


Toyota Proace City Electric

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £21,124,17

Range: 142 miles

Charging capability

  • AC Fast Charge (22kW, full charge): 7 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (50kW): 40 minutes

Load capacity: up to 4.4m3

Payload: 751kg

Another clever switch from ICE to EV, the Toyota Proace City Electric has many of the modern features drivers expect for ultimate comfort. The van’s Smart Cargo system ensures additional load length and carrying capacity, and other features include smartphone integration, rear wing doors with 180° opening, sliding side doors and a reverse camera.

The folding middle front seat doubles as a work surface, meaning passengers can work in the vehicle, and the under-seat storage is the perfect place for hiding devices and belongings whilst on the move and when the vehicle is parked.


Medium electric vans

Mercedes-Benz eVito 

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £46,675

Range: 162 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 6 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 35 minutes

Load capacity: 6.3m3

Payload: 824-882kg


The eVito panel van (66kWh) is the perfect answer to a mid-size electric van. With a loading volume of 6.3m3 it’s an ideal choice for a tradesman. It features both side-sliding doors and rear end double doors for practical entry.

The electric van offers several simple but effective cost cutting features to help keep your operation safe, secure and efficient such as; double locks & anti-theft protection, reversing camera, on-the-go power regeneration, live traffic reports and headlight assistant.

Using an AC fast charger, the eVito will take around 6 hours to reach a full charge and has an average combined range of 162 miles.


Vauxhall Vivaro-e

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £38,210

Range: Over 200 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): –
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 45 minutes

Load capacity: 6.6m3

Payload: 1226kg


Winner of the What Van? Medium Van of the Year award, the zero emissions Vivaro-e commercial van is durable and dependable, ideally suited for commercial professionals. With helpful features such as automatic side-opening doors and the ability to tow trailers, this panel van is versatile and practical.

The Vivaro-e comes with driver safety features and security system as standard. Vauxhall Connect includes e-call with automatic response incase of emergency.

The 75kWh battery takes just 45 minutes to charge to 80% and using the regenerative braking feature, you can save charge and money. The Vauxhall Vivaro-e boasts a range of 205 miles (75kWh), great for those long distance jobs.


Maxus eDeliver 3 (52.5kWh)

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £34,000 (52.23kWh)

Range: 213 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 8 hours (100%)
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 45 minutes

Load capacity: 4.8m3

Payload: 945kg


Another mid-size electric van on the market, is the Maxus eDeliver 3. It uses aerodynamic principles to reduce wind resistance and lighten the entire vehicle, and has been designed with strength and payload in mind.

This van is one that will ‘get the job done’ hosting a mix of uncomplicated features such as; two driving modes, energy recovery modes, dual rear barn doors and much more. Internally the design is simple and resembles your classic van with ease of use and convenience at the heart.

The eDELIVER 3 is available in three different models and battery configurations; SWB 35kWh, SWB 52.5kWh and the chassis cab 52.kWh.


Ford E-Transit Custom


Price from: £23,595

Range: 742 miles

Charging capability

  • AC Fast Charge (22kW, full charge): 2 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (125kW, 15-80%): 41 minutes

Load capacity: 6-8.3m3


Winner of the What Car? Van and Commercial Vehicle Awards 2022: Best Medium Van and 2023 Parkers New Car Awards: Best Medium Van accolades, this practical vehicle offers low running costs and multiple sizes and roof heights, as well as a plug-in hybrid version. It has retained its title of being the UK’s bestselling van since its launch, and with its lower step-in height, keyless entry and start design, and 360-degree camera, it is not difficult to see why.


Large electric vans

Mercedes eSprinter

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £57,870

Range: 82-95 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 7 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 30-120 minutes

Load capacity: 11m3

Payload: 731kg


Efficient and reliable, the Mercedes eSprinter is designed for hard work, connectivity and safety. It comes with both rapid and fast charging options, with a combined range of 96 miles. The interior has been designed to be both comfortable and convenient, without over-complicated and unnecessary gadgets.

With free integrated vehicle monitoring software you are able to remotely manage security, organise schedules and map out the most efficient routes – saving your business both time and money.

If you want a van that is robust, cost-effective and sustainable, this is a good choice.


Ford E-Transit

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £45,695

Range: 166-196 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 7 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kw): 34 minutes

Load capacity: 15.1m3

Payload: 1758kg


The Ford E-Transit is Ford’s first all-electric van, and has been crowned the Overall Winner in the What Car? Van and Commercial Vehicle Awards 2023. With a range of up to 196 miles, a generous load space of 15.1m3, and a payload of up to 1,758kgm, it’s a good option for carrying the tools for the job will be no issue.

The E-Transit also has a unique feature that allows you to charge your tools and equipment on board and on the go, without the need of a generator.

A large electric van with an impressive range and unique features, the Ford E-Transit is a definite asset to any business carrying out long-distance, heavy-duty tasks.


Arrival Cargo Van

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: TBC

Range: 150 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): TBC
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): TBC

Load capacity: 14.0m3

Payload: 861kg


The Arrival electric van is built using a modular design and be customised more easily for the needs of a specific customer or market. Due to the minimalist design and engineering of the Arrival cargo van, the EV can stay on the road for longer with few points of failure causing the need for downtime. Built-in fault-detection software (Arrival Service Platform) will also notify of any issues with the vehicle in real-time, enabling replacement parts to be ordered ahead of time.

The Van’s body panels are made from proprietary composite materials and they are low cost, strong and lightweight (50% lighter than steel) – which not only helps with range but also makes them more resistant to damage.

This unique electric van from Arrival is attractive, functional and sustainable, suited for urban environments. We can’t wait to see it on our roads.


Pick-up truck

Maxus T90 EV (88.55kWh)

Best Electric Commercial Vehicles 2022

Price from: £49,950

Range: 220 miles

Charging capability (20%-80%)

  • AC Fast Charge (11kW): 9 hours
  • DC Rapid Charge (80kW): 45 minutes approx.

Load capacity: 4.8m3

Payload: 740kg


The Maxus T90 EV is the first fully electric pick-up truck to arrive in the UK. Launched in 2022, this two-wheel-drive electric pick-up is suitable for both on and off-road driving, has a well-proportioned load-bed, and a roomy interior suitable for up to five passengers. It has a modern dashboard and a 10.25 inch touchscreen display, with various plug sockets for charging your devices whilst on the move.


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