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Fleet Electrification: Who Needs to Be in the Know?

Successful adoption of electric vehicles and charging infrastructure requires culture change – and in turn that relies on effective communications. Here’s how to get it right.

Fleet Electrification


While EV charging for fleet operators, is a mammoth task to embark on, many fleet operators have already started on their journey to electrification by investing in their first electric vehicles (EVs). Forward-thinking organisations have announced plans to significantly expand the number of EVs in their fleets, or in some cases, set dates to go completely electric.

More EVs in your fleet means more charging infrastructure at your premises. Therefore, like any introduction of new technology to your business, it will only be a success if you get users to embrace it. If you’re thinking about buying more EV chargers, it is important to include all stakeholders in the procurement process. But who are they?


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