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Current Affairs: Workforce Demographics in the EV Industry

25 July 2022 BlogEV for Business

Current Affairs is a series of articles in which Mer examines industry issues. We spoke to three women at Mer about what it’s like to hold a senior role in the EV industry.

For decades, decision makers in the fleet and automotive sectors have been middle-aged males. This isn’t due to deliberate policy; it is purely down to the fact that women did not tend to seek careers in these sectors.

This started to change some years ago, and the trend has accelerated recently due to a number of factors. One of which is the rapid development of the electric vehicle (EV) industry, which has helped bring more women into prominent roles. We sat down with three women who hold senior positions at Mer to find out more about their careers to date, how the EV industry is progressing, and why the number of female leaders is growing in our sector. Emma Spark is Head of our SME and Home Charge division, Naomi Nye is Head of National Sales, and Natasha Fry is Head of Strategic Accounts.

“There is a huge range of skill sets required and that is where engagement comes in, along with female mentorship programmes. Young girls need to see women in these roles and be able to engage with them.”

“Mer is playing its part and recently welcomed the daughter of Emma Spark on work experience at its fleet and workplace head office in Consett, County Durham. “It was great to have her take an interest in what I do and we would love to bring in more girls on work experience from local schools,” said Emma, who has been at Mer for four years. “We’re working to engage more with our community because the expectation or misconception is that if you work for an EV charging provider you will be digging holes on site, and of course that is not the case. There is nothing wrong with digging holes of course, but there is a really wide range of roles and careers available in the EV charging sector.”

“Sometimes I found it really difficult to put myself forward for more senior roles because I had the perception that perhaps I wouldn’t have the flexibility that you need as a mother to two young children.”

“I was apprehensive about going on site at first because in some cases people didn’t believe I knew what I was talking about! If a man turned up on site with a clipboard no one would bat an eyelid. For women sometimes it takes certain people a while to realise that we are just as competent and capable of helping them.”

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