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A Step-by-Step Guide to Charging on Mer’s Public EV Charging Network

Whether you are new to Mer or regularly charge using our public EV charging network, this blog covers everything EV drivers need to know about charging with us.

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From finding a charge point to paying for the charge, we want to make charging on the Mer public network a simple, easy and enjoyable experience. We have compiled a three-step guide with the key information about our public charge points, including: 

  • How to find EV charge points near you 
  • How to use a charge point on the Mer network 
  • How to pay for a charging session 
  • Frequently asked questions from drivers 

Step 1: How do I find electric vehicle charging points near me?

  • Driver Portal: you can search for charge points in specific locations in the Portal and view the nearest charge points as a list by clicking on ‘list results’. 
  • Mer Connect UK app: when you open the app, the closest available charge point to you should appear on the homepage. Or, you can enter your current location to find your nearest public EV charge point on our network. 
  • External providers: you can also search for available Mer charge points on Zapmap, the UK’s leading app and digital platform for EV drivers. 

Step 2: How do I use a public EV charger on the Mer network?

The Mer public charging network is home to a variety of charger types, from 22kW fast chargers to 150kW ultra-rapid chargers. 

There are multiple ways drivers can charge on a Mer public charger. 

Registered Customers

  • Via our app: download the Mer Connect UK app and register/log into your account. You can use our app to start a charge and view the chargers around your current location, and there are also features including access to your charging history and monthly billing. This tutorial details how to use our app. 
  • Driver Portal/Map: visit our Driver Portal via your internet browser, select a charge point and start a charge. To find out how to use our Driver Portal in more detail, check out our tutorial video. 

Guest Users

  • Via our app: guest users can also use our app. Once you have selected a charger, simply add your card details and email address. A receipt will be sent to you following your charge.  
  • Driver Portal/Map: you can also select a charge point and start a charge via the Portal.  


Step 3: How much does it cost to use a Mer public charger, and how do I pay? 

The cost of charging your electric car at one of our public stations varies depending on the type of charger you are using (fast/rapid), who owns the charger (Mer or local authorities), and whether you are a registered, guest, roaming, or contactless user. View our prices list for full details. 

There are multiple ways you can pay for your charge. 

  • Charge card: registered drivers can order one of our small, recyclable tags via our app or Driver Portal. You can activate your card via our app/Driver Portal. 
  • Contactless: both registered and guest users can charge their EV using contactless payment on certain public charge points with a speed of 50kW+. You will find instructions on the charge point if the charger accepts contactless payment. 

Do you work with roaming partners?

Our roaming agreements with other charge point operators ensure you can access our network easily, without the need for multiple accounts and apps. We partner with Allstar, Octopus Electroverse (Octopus Energy), Paua, Zapmap and Tap Electric. Find out more here

Support For Drivers

Mer Customer Service 

Our dedicated customer service team provide support for drivers using the Mer public network via phone and email. You can also contact the team through our app. Drivers can contact customer service 24/7, so your charging experience can be as hassle-free as possible. 

Driver newsletter 

Our monthly newsletter contains helpful tips and advice regarding the Mer network, including answers to frequently asked questions from drivers and interesting resources regarding EV driving. Sign up to receive the newsletter here. 

Driver resources 

As mentioned previously, our YouTube channel hosts tutorial videos for our public chargers, app, and Driver Portal. 

Common EV Charging Questions

I have been charged a pre-authorisation fee when using my payment card – why?

A preauthorisation charge is a temporary hold of funds requested by Mer to your debit or credit card provider.  

 When you start a charging session at a Mer charger, Mer requests a preauthorisation to your chosen payment method. We recently changed the preauthorisation amount from £30 to £1. This amount does not leave your credit or debit card, it remains ‘pending’ or ‘on hold’ until the charging session finishes, and the actual cost of the transaction is ready to be charged to your account.  

To find out more about preauthorisation charges, visit our Terms & Conditions page. 

What about EV charging connector types – how do I know if my EV has the correct cable for your chargers?

Whether you are looking for a CHAdeMO, CCS or type 2 charge point, you can filter your search by charging type to find the right charge point for your EV in our Driver Portal and our app. You can also filter by speed and currently available charge points. 

Find more of our answers to frequently answered questions here. 

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