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How To Use A 25kW Mer Semi-Rapid Charger

We have created a short video to show the different steps to charge your EV on a 25kW Mer semi-rapid charger.

Using a Mer 25kW Semi-Rapid charger is easy. Even if it’s your first time and you’re not sure how to use an EV charger, we’ll have you up and running in no time. We have created a short video to show the different steps to charge your EV on a 25kW Mer semi-rapid charger. Alternatively, scroll down for our in-depth EV charging instructions using a Mer Semi-Rapid charger.

How to use a Mer EV Charger

Follow the step-by-step instructions below to charge your EV on our network of chargers.

Service Level Agreements for workplace EV charging

This is a 25kW Mer semi-rapid charger. Before we get into using it, you have the choice to charge your vehicle either as a guest or by registering to our network. As a guest user, you do not need to register, but you won’t be eligible for some of the benefits of membership – which we’ll come to later

  • Connect the charging cable to your car and then download and open the Mer Connect UK app for Apple and Android devices.  
  • Enter your location by searching in the app, turning on your location on your phone, or checking the socket number printed on the charger, select the charge point in the app, swipe right to connect and add your personal details, as well as your payment method, to start the charge.  
  • You can now leave your EV charging and go about your business. The charging cable can’t be removed, and the charger will stop if there’s an issue or your battery is full. 
  • To stop the charge, swipe stop in the app. You don’t need to be near your vehicle to do this, and you can stop if from anywhere if you need to for any reason. When you return to your car and have stopped the charge in the app, disconnect the cable from the car.  
  • A receipt will be sent to you via email following your charge. 
  • If you are a registered Mer EV customer, log in to the Mer Connect UK app, and follow the same steps. As a customer, you will be able to add favourites and check your usage, and you will be billed monthly on the payment card you registered with. If you charge your car regularly with us using a Mer semi-rapid charger, you may find it easier to register and pay monthly. 
  • If you’d rather not download the Mer Connect UK app, don’t worry. You can also charge via your web browser as a guest user or a registered customer by visiting our driver portal accessible from the Mer website. 
  • To charge with a Mer charge card, create an account on the app or driver portal to order the card. Once you have received it, connect the cable to the car and hold the charge card on the charger’s card reader to start your charge. This is a great option if you’re in a hurry and just want to pull up, plug in and go, or if you’re using a company or fleet car. 
  • To stop the charge, follow the same steps, hold the charge card on the card reader and disconnect the cable from the car. You’ll be billed monthly as a registered Mer EV customer.

Don’t worry if you don’t remember any of this, detailed instructions on how to use the charge point can be found on all Mer 25kW semi-rapid chargers. To find out more about our roaming partners and prices visit the drivers section on our website.

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