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How To Use A 75kW Mer Rapid Charger

We have created a short video to show the different steps to charge your EV on a Mer rapid charger. Watch the video or read the script below.

Today we are standing in front of a 75kW Mer rapid charger. It’s good to know you have the choice to charge your electric vehicle as a guest user or by registering on our network.  

As a guest user, you can charge using contactless payment and the app. 

With contactless payment select the socket on the screen using the buttons, connect the cable to your vehicle, and hold your payment card on the payment terminal to start your charge.  

To end your charge, press stop on the charger and disconnect the cable.   

With the app, you do not need to register with us. Connect the cable to your vehicle, download and open the Mer Connect UK app, click on ‘Find a charge point’, select the charger and socket (you can find the socket number on the charger), swipe to connect, and add your personal details to start the charge.   

To stop the charge, swipe stop in the app and disconnect the cable. A receipt will be sent to you via email following your charge.  

If you are a registered customer, log in to the Mer Connect UK app, and follow the same steps. As a customer, you will be able to add favourites, check your usage, and you will be billed monthly on the payment card you registered with.  

To charge with a Mer charge card, create an account on the app or driver portal to order the card. Once you have received it, select the socket on the screen using the buttons, connect the cable to your vehicle and hold your charge card on the payment terminal to start the charge.  

To stop the charge, hold the charge card on the payment terminal, press stop on the charger, and disconnect the cable.  

Detailed instructions on how to use the charge point can be found on the charger.  

To find out more about our roaming partners and our prices, visit the Drivers section on our website. 

We are constantly developing roaming partnerships to provide you with the best charging experience.  

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