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Constructing IKEA’s Last Mile Electrification Infrastructure

IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer, with more than 400 stores in over 50 countries. Famous for its self-assembly furniture and wide range of homeware, there are 21 IKEA stores in the UK.
IKEA electric vehicle charging at Mer charge point

The Client


To support IKEA’s stated aim of reaching 100% zero emission deliveries by 2025, Mer initially provided their ‘EV Charging Design Consultancy’ service which involved working with IKEA to understand the power requirements of each store and identify where grid connection upgrades were needed. Mer then completed analysis of how vehicles operated at each depot, which enabled an accurate calculation of how many rapid chargers and fast chargers IKEA would need. The Design Consultancy recommendations were presented to IKEA, and Mer were then instructed to proceed with installing the chargers. 

IKEA wanted to roll out EV charging at all its UK stores to enable deliveries to be made by electric vans and trucks. With bigger battery packs than cars, electric commercial vehicles need more powerful chargers which places higher demands on the local grid infrastructure. 

“Rolling out charging infrastructure for electric vans is rarely straightforward and IKEA recognised that they needed an EV charging expert to guide them through the complexities of a project of this size.”Natasha Fry, Head of Sales at Mer UK Fleet and Workplace Charging 

The Solution

Mer’s EV charging expertise, analysis and consultative approach enabled IKEA to make the biggest EV charging infrastructure investment for last-mile deliveries in the UK to date. In total the company has invested £4.5 million in power grid upgrades and the installation of 200 Mer chargers, including 40 rapid chargers, in 2023. The charging posts are located at every IKEA store and at the Dartford Customer Distribution Centre. 

The charging points will be available to all IKEA’s logistics partners to power electric vehicles making home deliveries for IKEA across the UK and Ireland. 

Investing in this infrastructure of nationwide charging points is a fundamental step in our ambition to reach 100% zero emissions deliveries.

“Investing in this infrastructure of nationwide charging points is a fundamental step in our ambition to reach 100% zero emissions deliveries from all IKEA stores and distribution centres to customers by 2025, as well as supporting our ambition to become a fully circular business by 2030.”Jakob Bertilsson, Country Customer Fulfilment Manager UK & Ireland, IKEA 

The investment in charging points forms part of IKEA’s aim to reach 100% zero emissions deliveries to customers by 2025. By summer 2023, IKEA plans to achieve 60% zero emission deliveries in the UK and Ireland, demonstrating the significant steps being taken to accelerate moving towards the 2025 goal. 

“We look forward to supporting the IKEA team and, importantly, its customers in making sure last-mile deliveries are efficient and emission-free.” – Natasha Fry, Head of Sales, Mer UK Fleet and Workplace Charging 

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