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IWG Shows How Businesses Can Support Sustainable Transport

As electric vehicle use becomes more widespread, charging facilities at workspaces are becoming a necessity. IWG recognised the benefits of installing business EV charge points.
iwg business sustainable transport

The Client


IWG is the world’s number one workspace provider globally. It recognised that the world of work has changed; the 9-5 way of working is not a standard anymore, now working from home, working from a hub, or working on-the-go has grown in popularity in recent years.   

IWG help workers embrace a more flexible way of working. Through their companies – Regus, Spaces, No. 18, Basepoint, Open Office and Signature – IWG enables flexible working choices. In its mission to empower businesses and people to reimagine how they work, IWG prides itself on providing customers with carbon-neutral workspaces. In 2020, IWG announced its commitment to achieving carbon neutrality globally (Scope 1 and 2) by 2025. By 2040, IWG aim to achieve net zero emissions across global operations.  

As the UK transitions to an electric transportation system, a critical element of the UK’s public charging network is the opportunity to charge at offices and workspaces. Workplace charging offers employees and visitors a convenient opportunity to top-up their vehicles during the workday. Drivers can power-up their vehicle’s batteries while their car sits unused during the day.  

IWG realised that clients would be able to make sustainable transport choices – such as transitioning to an EV – if a number of their UK worksites had EV charging stations. This is especially important given a third of UK households don’t have access to off-street parking, and therefore their own private charging facilities.   

IWG decided that Mer, backed by giant renewable energy provider Statkraft, was the perfect choice to install and manage cutting-edge EV chargers at several of their sites.   

Through the implementation of EV charging points, IWG’s customers could use EVs for trips to their flexible workspace – with the convenience of being able to charge them while they work or attend a meeting.   

iwg business sustainable transport

The Solution


At the start of the installation process, Mer and IWG worked together by evaluating each site. The location is chosen according to several dependencies, including:   

  • IWG preference.   
  • The proximity to the electrical switch room within the building.  
  • And, where possible, the installers utilise three parking bays to create two EV bays – which makes the charging bays wider than standard for a more comfortable charging experience.  

Mer’s ethos is to select high quality, reliable hardware with a user-friendly interface. We first installed EV semi-rapid chargers (25kW) at four of IWG’s worksites: Regus Atterbury Lakes, Milton Keynes; Spaces Globe Park, Marlow; Regus Chester Business Park and Basepoint’s Bromsgrove Enterprise Park. The charging infrastructure, funded by Mer, was rolled out at 25 IWG-owned UK workspaces. Each IWG site had two of Mer’s 25kW DC semi to rapid chargers, which can boost an EVs charge to 80% in around 1 to 2 hours, perfect for guests attending a meeting or staying a few hours.   

It’s brilliant that we can offer customers and employees the added convenience of being able to charge their electric vehicles while they work.

Mer’s UK Interim Managing Director, Alex Hinchcliffe, said “Workplaces are an obvious charging hot spot, and will be especially used by those unable to charge at home over night. This increases confidence for EV adoption of those who do not have the possibility of charging at home.”  

Customers can use several charging methods including the Mer app, the Mer charge card, the Mer Driver Portal, or via our roaming partners Octopus Electroverse, Zapmap, Tap Electric, Paua and Allstar. Drivers have the choice to charge as a guest user or a registered customer.  Drivers can also sign up to receive Mer’s monthly newsletter, which includes top tips to make EV driving easy and updates on the new additions to the Mer public network.  

“Our customers are very happy with the new electric vehicle charge points. Giving people the freedom to work how and where they want is at the heart of the hybrid model. It’s brilliant that we can offer customers and employees the added convenience of being able to charge their electric vehicles while they work.” – Darren Brooks, Community Manager, at IWG-owned SPACES workshop in Marlow, Bucks

Sustainability has never been more important for people when they choose brands they want to work with, or for.

Once an installation project is complete, Mer does not consider the work to be done. We stay on the pulse and review where we can make improvements to our public network to ensure the very best charging experience for drivers.  

Monitoring usage across the IWG portfolio, we saw that it was rare that both charge points were in use at the same time on some sites. This informed our decision to upgrade the charging offering at 11 sites. We removed the 25kW charger and installed one 50kW rapid charge point at IWG sites in Milton Keynes, High Wycomb, Swindon, Chapstow, Tewkesbury, Evesham, Winchester, Brocksborne, Folkstone, Crawley and Exeter.   

The upgrade enables drivers to benefit from up to 50kW of charge should only one socket be in use, facilitating a full charge between 20 and 60 minutes (vehicle dependent). The new rapid charging offering gives more flexibility to IWG customers as they are now able to quickly top up, especially convenient if they are only attending a meeting or driving for work later on.   

It also allows for more cars to charge during the day giving confidence to EV drivers they won’t have to queue for long period of times.   

Drivers in the area can also stop by to charge and enjoy a hot drink at one of IWG facilities while charging their car. Mer is looking to fully fund, install and manage 50kW charging capacity at an additional four sites.  

“Sustainability has never been more important for people when they choose brands they want to work with, or for. What we are seeing is that – when companies offer EV charging – it is both a great incentive and something their customers and clients greatly appreciate.”  – Alex Hinchcliffe, Interim Managing Director at Mer UK

Site spotlight – Regus Dartford

Mer upgraded the charge point at Regus Dartford, located five minutes away from the Dartford Crossing on the M25.  

Since upgrading the site, we have seen usage increase by more than six times. As the site is 5 minutes away from the Dartford Crossing on the M25, it is likely we are seeing customers travel from the motorway to charge.   

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