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Mer goes Live on Zapmap and Allstar’s Integrated Digital Payment Solution

Zapmap and charge point operator Mer are very pleased to announce that Mer has now gone live on the Allstar-Zapmap network.

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This means fleet drivers can pay for charging at Mer locations across the country, using their Allstar One Electric card lodged digitally within the Zapmap app.

Drivers simply need to download the Zapmap app, add their Allstar One Electric card and activate their Allstar features. This will enable them to pay for charging across a growing list of the UK’s leading charge point networks, which now includes Mer, Connected Kerb, ESB, Fastned, MFG EV Power and Osprey.

The single-app payment solution allows drivers to avoid the hassle of relying on multiple payment methods and removes the need to carry a physical RFID card at all times.

“I’m pleased to say that charging electric fleets is only getting easier across the UK. This is where the Allstar-Zapmap network provides significant value, by enabling fleet drivers to pay across multiple charge point operators via Zap-Pay,” said Harrison Brook, Head of Partnerships at Zapmap.

Mer is a European EV charging company owned by Statkraft, Europe’s largest producer of renewable energy. It provides EV charging solutions to keep businesses, local authorities and drivers on the move and has grown significantly in the last year. At present, the network comprises around 1,300 public charge points, predominantly in England and ranging from low-power to high-power devices.

“With charging provision that extends the length and breadth of England, Mer is an extremely valuable addition to the network,” Brook continued.

“Its reliable charge points and ambitious growth plans are a great sign for electric fleet drivers, wherever they are in the country.”

Alongside partnerships to provide charging points at Blue Diamond garden centres, IKEA and Kings College London, Mer most recently signed a deal to install charge points across more than 100 of Knight Frank Investment Management’s client-owned sites in the UK.

“Driving electric should be as simple and low maintenance as possible. We are therefore delighted to now be live on the Allstar-Zapmap network , which will allow us to extend our support to fleet drivers looking to charge on reliable, future-fit and accessible charging infrastructure”, said Karl Anders, Managing Director at Mer UK.

Zapmap’s partnership with Allstar aims to make charging simple for fleets. With fleets increasingly making the switch to electric, fleet managers benefit from one clear overview of all electricity costs, as well as a simplified admin portal delivering full visibility of spend across fleets.

Learn more about how Zapmap works with Allstar Business Solutions.



About Mer

Mer is a European EV charging company, backed by Statkraft, Europe’s largest renewable energy generator. By bringing together its extensive expertise in renewable energy and electric mobility, Mer is on a mission to make EV charging simple, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. In the UK, Mer delivers complete EV charging solutions to businesses and local authorities, helping power the shift to purer transportation across Europe.

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