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Putting People at the Heart of the EV Charging Ecosystem

The electric vehicle industry is a key pillar in the UK’s broader plans to decarbonise. Therefore, making life better for everyone is at our very core. It’s what we do and why we exist.

Young people charging electric vehicle at charger

At Mer, we apply this human-centric approach to doing business. We adopt a customer-centred mindset to ensure that we provide EV charging solutions that deliver the best possible user experience. Whether you want workplace or fleet charging, are an EV driver using one of our hubs, or want us to install a hub on your behalf, we place you at the heart of that EV charging ecosystem. 

Understanding Your Needs

Our human-centred approach begins with gaining a deep understanding of each customer’s needs. Every workplace and fleet are different, while every charging hub has its own mix of users. Even every driver has their own user pattern based on factors such as preferred charging speed as well as where and when they want to recharge when out on the road. At Mer, we start by listening to our clients, gaining insights into how they want to use EV charging, then provide a service tailored to their expectations. 

User-Friendly by Design

Our user-centric design principles ensure that every aspect of a charging hub or charge point is geared towards providing the best possible customer experience. Charging should be accessible and intuitive, meaning clear signage, ergonomic charging cables, and user-friendly interfaces. This all adds up to a simple, straightforward and satisfying encounter. 

Empowering Change

The transition to EVs represents a huge change and not everyone has the confidence to embrace it. We empower our clients to enact cultural change through education, information and guidance. Providing the right resources, workshops and guides can help win over your work colleagues or household by demystifying EVs, explaining the benefits, and showing them just how seamless plugging into a Mer charging point can be. 

Personalised Customer Service

A cornerstone of our customer ethos is treating each client as an individual, rather than adopting a blanket approach. For workplace and fleet customers this might mean going the extra mile to help you overcome grid capacity constraints, or providing a high level of after-sales support to maintain exceptional levels of charge point uptime. For EV drivers this means tailored charging recommendations based on your unique driving patterns.  

Listening and Acting

Another important facet of Mer’s customer-centric mindset is welcoming your feedback. We believe customer feedback is an asset, enabling us to refine our services. This commitment to continuous improvement builds strong feedback loops, sustainable relationships, and long-lasting partnerships with our clients. 

Charging for All

A human-centric approach to EV charging means that infrastructure has to work for everyone. At Mer, we believe fundamentally in inclusivity and equality. This is reflected in how we provide accessible charging for people with disabilities, demonstrated in our commitment to clear signage as well as easy-to-reach cables. 

People Power

The transition to more sustainable transport and travel is a collective effort. However, it is propelled forward by individual choices, by people choosing an EV as their mode of transport. It is our duty to support the switch to EVs by making every aspect of EV charging as straightforward and easy as possible.  

By taking a human-centred approach we can provide a superior charging experience, helping more people have the confidence to choose EVs. Putting the customer first is not just a business strategy, it is a philosophy that ensures every Mer client feels valued, empowered, and excited to be a part of the movement towards a greener future. 

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