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Mer helps to drive the future of electric vehicles in Eastleigh

Mer, a leading European electric vehicle (EV) charging company, will install and operate four new EV charging sites at key locations across Eastleigh.

electric vehicles grants 2021

A 2022 guide to government incentives & grants for EVs

A summary of the government incentives and grants available to UK businesses, local authorities and individuals for charging and purchase in 2022.

Career with Mer

A Q&A with Mer UK’s Managing Director Anthony Hinde on the UK’s public charging infrastructure

We ask Anthony about the current state of charging in the UK, and what the government's recent EV charging plans mean for the country's public charging infrastructure.

norway ev charging

EV charging infrastructure best practice: learnings from Norway

83.7% of cars sold in Norway in January 2022 were electric. What’s the secret to Norway’s success?

ev chargers

How To Use A 75 kW Mer Rapid Charger

Are you looking to use a Mer rapid charger? We have created a handy video to show you the different steps to charge your electric vehicle on a Mer rapid charger.

ev plugged in

What impact will the energy crisis have on UK EV drivers?

Wholesale energy costs are on the rise, and household bills are set to follow. How will this affect EV drivers?

ev charger stane

OZEV: Using the EV charging data to improve the driver experience

The findings from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles' 2022 EV charging experience consultation are out. Is open data sharing the key to wider EV adoption?

ev charging car park

What does it mean to have more EVs on the UK’s roads?

There were more EVs sold in 2021 than the previous 5 years combined - what will need to change to cope with demand?

cold weather ev charging

How does the cold weather affect EV car battery performance?

EV owners will likely experience slower charging speeds and reduced range in winter - but there are ways to manage EV battery performance.

mer charging experience

How was the UK EV Charging Experience in 2021?

2021 was a remarkable year for electric vehicles in the UK as record numbers of new EVs hit the roads - but how have drivers found the charging experience and what do they want to see in the future?

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