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What Are Clean Air Zones & Is Your Business Affected?

24 May 2021 BlogEV for Business

A Clean Air Zone (CAZ) is a UK road/area running special initiatives, or driver penalty fees, to improve air quality. Find out if you are affected.

In 1952, the nation visibly faced the repercussions of man-made air pollution when The Great Smog took hold in London, indirectly leading to 12,000 deaths. 68 years on, the air above the UK is still dangerously polluted. In fact, the Guardian reported that ‘toxic air has been at illegal levels in the capital … and results in around 40,000 early deaths a year.’

Transport is the largest source of CO2 emissions (34% data: 2019) – most from road transport. Global pressure and new EU directives have forced the UK to take action, introducing ‘Clean Air Zones’.

It’s important to understand the changes already in place, and those coming your way, so you can properly prepare your business.

Buses, coaches, heavy good vehiclesEuro 6
Vans, minibuses, taxis, private hire vehicles, carsEuro 6 (diesel) and Euro 4 (petrol)
MotorcyclesEuro 3

The types of vehicle subject to new charges differ from zone to zone, as local authorities will decide themselves on the level of restriction to enforce. In particular, local authorities may set different standards for taxis and private hire vehicles.

There are four classes of Clean Air Zone:

Class A: Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles

Class B: Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, HGVs

Class C: Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, HGVs, vans, minibuses

Class D: Buses, coaches, taxis, private hire vehicles, HGVs, vans, minibuses, cars & the local authority has the option to include motorcycles

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