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Why Are Supermarkets the Perfect Location for EV Charging Hubs?

Elizabeth Warren, Director of Public Charging at Mer UK, discusses why supermarkets are an ideal location for public EV charging hubs, and the business benefits of installing one.
Man charging electric car with shopping bags

Nearly 315,000(1) battery-electric vehicles were registered last year, which marks a growth of 18% on the number registered in 2022. The EV market is not slowing down, and the necessity for reliable charging infrastructure is not either.  

Public EV charging has never been more in demand, especially hubs with multiple bays of charge points. As we discussed in this blog, EV hubs offer an excellent customer experience by offering more charging opportunities simultaneously for more drivers. 

In this blog, Elizabeth Warren, Director of Public Charging at Mer UK, shares why supermarket owners should be looking to install EV charging hubs on site, analysing compelling reasons including: 

  • Elevating sustainability commitments  
  • Attracting a new consumer base 
  • Keeping customers returning with a great value-added experience 

Supermarkets are a great location for EV charging hubs

When we think about an EV charging hub, we picture a place where drivers can occupy their time whilst they charge. Because customers will need to stay a little longer at a charging location whilst their EV charges, a supermarket is an excellent opportunity, because they can shop or grab a coffee. 

But what’s in it for the supermarket owner?

Woman putting shopping into boot of electric car

Why should supermarkets install an EV charging hub?

Walk the walk for sustainability

In recent years, we have seen that customers are looking for products and brands that align with a commitment to our planet. In this study(2) with 18,980 consumers in 28 countries, nearly six in 10 said they are willing to change their shopping habits to reduce environmental impact, whilst nearly eight in 10 note sustainability is important for them. 45% of consumers indicated that brands that are sustainable and/or environmentally responsible are very important to them. These insights emphasis that customers are influenced by good sustainable practises and what is good for the environment.  

If your supermarket has an EV charging hub, it will not only increase the site’s offering but also put your environmental strategy and ethos at the forefront of their minds, as it demonstrates a dedication to helping your customers reduce road transport emissions and embrace sustainable travel. This will make them more likely to remain loyal to you and your brand. 

Bring more customers to your site 

The supermarket and grocery sector is a saturated one. With so many brands to choose from, it can be hard to differentiate or show consumers why they should choose you over another supermarket down the road. EV charging might just be the thing a supermarket owner is looking for. Whilst fossil fuel vehicles still dominate UK roads, providing charging facilities for the rapidly increasing number of fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars can open doors to a whole new world of customers. 

Keep them coming back for more with a value-added offering

As well as new customers, you can also expect to build loyalty with current customers who have not yet switched over to an electric car just yet but are very likely to do so in the future. If drivers know they will be able to shop and charge when they do make the change. They will not need to think about doing their weekly food shop anywhere else. 

Turn your supermarket into an EV hotspot


Put your questions to a panel of EV charging experts at our upcoming webinar

If you’d like to learn more about installing an EV charging hub at your supermarket, sign up for our webinar on 26 June 2024. We’ll be discussing the key benefits for landowners when bringing EV charging to your supermarket location, and best practise tips for installing your infrastructure. 

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