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Why You Should Choose a Renewable Energy Provider When Installing EV Charge Points

Get to grips with the realities of green energy suppliers and why it's so important to use a renewable energy supplier when installing EV charge points.

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Choosing your renewable energy supplier

Choosing a renewable energy provider requires only a small amount of effort on your part, but has the potential to offer great returns for you and the wider community.

With many suppliers claiming to have green credentials, we do advise that when it comes to opting for a green tariff you assess each supplier’s ethos, goals and actions. We’d recommend choosing a supplier whose sustainability values are aligned with your own. Take a look at our blog on green energy to help you make a more informed decision when it comes to choosing the right supplier.

There are a growing number of energy suppliers out there that can supply you with 100% renewable energy – one of which is Bryt, Statkraft’s energy business, and Mer’s sister company. Bryt Energy’s zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity is sourced solely from Solar, Wind, and Hydro meaning customers can report zero carbon emissions for electricity consumption under Scope 2 carbon emissions under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol market-based method.

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