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At Mer, we proudly support the UK’s EV drivers keeping you charged up and ready to go with public charge stations nationwide.

Charging With Mer

Girl Charging at Mer Public Charger Stations for EV

How our EV Charging Works

With Mer public charging stations for EV charge points, you have the choice to charge as a guest user or a registered user. To start your charge you have the option of a variety of methods; through the app or driver portal, with a charge card, or using contactless payment (on some hardware).

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EV Charging Prices

How much does it cost to charge your electric vehicle with Mer? We’ve listed our prices for our public fast and rapid charge points.

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Mer Connect UK App

At Mer UK, we like to make things easy for you, this is why we give you the choice to charge your vehicle as a guest user or by registering on our network.

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