Attract EV Drivers to Your Destination  

Provide EV charging at your destination and attract drivers with reliable charging infrastructure, while generating extra revenue.  

Now is the time for commercial landlords to put their premises on the EV infrastructure charging map.  

We work with landowners to plan and install EV charging infrastructure at retail parks, forecourts, leisure & hospitality businesses, commercial premises, and more. 

EV Charging for New Land Development

Do you have unused land that could be transformed into an EV charging hotspot? Discover how you could get the most out of your land with EV charging.

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Electric vehicle charging points in car park

Put Your Location on the Map 

EV drivers want to see rapid chargers on route and at their end destination, and many drivers without charging capability at home, rely on public charge points.  

Now is the time for commercial landowners to put their premises on the EV infrastructure charging map. 

Electric car charging at EV charging hub

Let Us Take the Wheel and Do the Hard Work 

At Mer, we offer a simple experience for our customers; we take care of everything, from grid connection to installation and management of your commercial EV charging point(s).  

With our design and consultancy service, our experts work with you to advise on the best location, suitable EV infrastructure, and best charging hardware for your commercial premises. 

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A Simple Experience

A streamlined experience for all our partners and EV drivers.

Generate Revenue

Various funded packages offer a guaranteed additional income.

Design & Consultancy

A unique service to advise and create tailored EV charging solutions.

Power First Charging

Developed infrastructure to ensure you get enough power at your premises.

Aftercare Support

A 24/7 aftercare service that provides reliable support for our customers.

Electrifying the UK

Experienced in providing charging infrastructure across various industries.

EV charging infrastructure best practice: learnings from Norway

Sustainable Electric Mobility Accessible to Everyone 

It’s our mission to make EV charging easy and accessible for everyone. We do this by investing in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure – building charging hubs to increase availability and reliability.  

Our easy-to-use network is reliable, and with our roaming partnerships drivers can enjoy a simple EV charging experience. 

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What’s in the EV Charging for Commercial Landowners Guide?

The commercial land and real estate sectors have an exciting opportunity within the EV charging space. 

Our guide to commercial charging infrastructure has everything you need to know before embarking on an EV charging project. 

Charging project considerations and new regulations 

Installation process, business models and infrastructure

Sustainable CPO partners, case studies and more about Mer 

Funded Charge Point Packages

Make your infrastructure work for you with our fully-funded, part-funded, and customer-funded packages for commercial charging solutions. 


We install and manage your charge points and service, while you receive a profit share. 


We install and manage your operations, and you invest in your charging infrastructure. 


We install and manage your charge points, you manage payment options and your service. 

iwg business sustainable transport

Commercial Landowner Charging Solutions

Case Study: IWG

IWG is committed to being fully carbon neutral. We supported IWG on its sustainability mission by providing charging solutions at several sites. 

  • Semi-rapid chargers at four workplace sites 
  • Roll-out of charge points at 30 IWG-owned UK workspaces 
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Commercial Landowner EV Charging Case Studies

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of EV charging infrastructure depends entirely on individual requirements, for example; how many charge points are needed, if there are any additional power requirements.  

Our charging experts work with you to create a tailored strategy and charging solution for your commercial premises, that will provide accessible charging for EV drivers. 

In 2022 the UK implemented new rules mandating the installation of electric vehicle charging points in all new commercial buildings with parking spaces. For renovations in buildings with 10 or more parking spaces, one charging point is required for every 5 spaces.  

And from 2025, existing commercial buildings with more than 20 parking spaces must have at least one charging point installed. 

Charge point power and charging speed is dependent on location and grid availability. 

There are two types of charge points available – fast (AC) 3.7kW-22kW and rapid (DC) 22kW-300kW. 

An AC charger could power a car in 4+ hours, while a DC charger is better for a quick turnaround. The type of charge points you install depends entirely on the charging capability you wish to offer EV drivers. Our charging experts will help you consider what type of charging is best for your site by establishing a customer’s average dwell time, for example, a retail park might offer DC charging to customers who may typically spend 45-120 minutes at your destination. 

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