Complete Control of Your EV Charging Points  

Easily manage, monitor and maintain your charge points with Mer. What are the Operator Portal capabilities?


Remotely manage chargers 

Monitor live usage & updates 

Manage user account access 


Access analytics & reporting

CO2 savings & energy usage 

Real-time visibility of chargers 


Implement charger tariffs 

Set time of use tariffs 

Apply parking charges 


Self-healing functionality 

Charger error notifications 

Integration with hardware

Electric vehicle charge point wall mounted

EV Charging Management Systems with Your Business in Mind

Our charger management software, combined with smart load-balanced charge points, gives you complete control over your EV charging infrastructure. Enjoy a seamless charging experience for you, your staff, and EV drivers.   

To ensure reliability and quickly-solve issues the Mer team also has visibility of all chargers on the network. This means limited downtime should any errors occur.

Helping EV Drivers Charge with Ease

EV Driver Portal

Our EV Driver Portal is the main online tool for drivers. With the driver portal, customers can; view a map of available chargers, start and stop a charging session, directly pay for a charge, check billing activities, and download invoices. Businesses with a public charging membership, will see all available public charge points, those with a private network, will see only their own network of chargers.

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Local Authorities - More reasons to devise a public EV infrastructure strategy

Fairly distribute charging power

Smarter EV Charging with Load Balancing 

Load balancing enables charge points to evenly distribute the available power to multiple electric vehicles charging at once – smart chargers can be programmed to control energy management. 

Mer offers load balancing as an upgrade to your charge points, as and when required, and is a great alternative to expensive DNO upgrades. Load balancing capabilities include:  

  • Flexibility for future expansion 
  • Fairly administer available power 
  • Connect up to 100 chargers 
Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Charging Using Load Balanced Charge Points

Dynamic Load Balancing for EV Charge Points

Allocate power where it’s needed most. 

An office building uses a lot of energy and powers several facilities simultaneously. To prevent overloading, dynamic load balancing can be implemented. 

Dynamic load balancing capabilities: 

  • Monitors power loads on your circuit 
  • Intelligently allocates available capacity  
  • Prevent circuits overloading 
Learn more about load balancing