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18 November 2021
Here are all the government incentives and grants available to UK businesses, local authorities and individuals for charging and purchase in 2021.
11 November 2021
Internal combustion engine vehicles still make up the majority of car sales. But are the benefits of electric enough to make you switch? We compare the two.
28 October 2021
6.6 million households in the UK don’t have off-street parking. We look at alternative options for EV charging with no driveway and the improvements needed.
20 October 2021
An all-inclusive guide to charging your electric vehicle across the UK.
14 October 2021
What can the UK learn from Sweden, Norway, and Germany’s experiences with public EV charging infrastructure and electric vehicle uptake?
12 October 2021
A Guide to Whether Private or Public EV Charging is Right for You.
11 October 2021
Electric Vehicle charging specialists Mer have teamed up with the world’s largest flexible workspace provider IWG plc to bring cutting edge charging facilities to their clients.
7 October 2021
Your actual charge speed is based on battery size, vehicle charge rate, charger speed, the weather and more. Get to grips with EV charge speeds.
30 September 2021
Commercial EV charging stations attract tenants and visitors, increase dwell time, profits, and more. Here's why you should consider installation in 2021.
23 September 2021
With the development of EV charging infrastructure across towns and cities, how can local authorities future proof public EV charging?