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23 September 2021
With the development of EV charging infrastructure across towns and cities, how can local authorities future proof public EV charging?
16 September 2021
Why the deployment of rapid and ultra-rapid EV chargers is going to be a gamechanger, and what it means for UK motorists.
8 September 2021
Central Government has set out an ambitious timescale to transition the UK towards greener motoring, including the 2030 deadline, ending the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. So what can local authorities do to help accelerate this transition to cleaner motoring?
2 September 2021
Leading EV charging business Mer has announced a new partnership with Zap-Map, the UK’s No.1 EV mapping service, in a bid to further simplify charging for the UK’s growing number of EV drivers.
26 August 2021
OLEV is now OZEV. Read Mer's 2021 guide to the Workplace and On-street Residential Chargepoint Schemes, including eligibility and how to apply.
2 August 2021
Green energy is produced entirely from renewable energy sources. But does it cost more and is it really 100% green? Here's the truth and the role you can play.
29 July 2021
If you’re contemplating EV charger installation at your business premises there are several considerations to work through. We’ve given a brief guide as to what’s involved.
26 July 2021
Electric Vehicle (EV) charging just got a little bit easier thanks to a new roaming agreement between EV charging experts Mer and green energy provider Octopus Energy.
19 July 2021
The UK electric car industry continues to grow in 2021. Battery prices are going down, car choice is going up. Read our 7 predictions for the future of EVs.
15 July 2021
Electric car sales in the UK went up in 2020, despite Covid-19. We take a look at the market statistics and 2020’s best selling EVs.