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Fleet Electrification: EV Fleet Trends

18 October 2022 BlogEV for fleets

We sat down with Simon Tate, Sales Director of the Fleet Services division of Mer to discuss some of the current and future trends in fleet electrification.

Simon Tate has worked in the fleet sector since 2005, and now holds a senior position at Mer, a leading provider of fleet, workplace, and home EV charging infrastructure. Previously, Simon has had integral roles within Mercedes-Benz, Lombard, LeasePlan and Northgate.  

While he has specialised exclusively in the EV charging sector since 2018, Simon remains close to the fleet sector, working with major operators on their electrification goals. Here are his thoughts on trends in fleet electrification. 

“The other advice I would give to any fleet manager embarking on a net zero plan is get out of the office and visit other sites that have already started the process. See the infrastructure at work for yourself. Talk to other managers about how they did it, how to avoid making their mistakes, and what worked for them.” 

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