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Our back office software Operator Portal

We’ve invested in our leading Operator Portal to help you manage, monitor and collect useful data from your charge points.

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Complete control over your EV charge points with our back office software

We have one of the best EV charging infrastructure management ecosystems and are constantly adding new features to our Portals. Whether you are a business, local authority or commercial landlord, our Operator Portal is the perfect tool to manage and monitor your EV charging infrastructure.

The Operator Portal has a range of features to help charge point owners oversee the use and management of charge points. The Mer team also has visibility of all charge points on the network to ensure reliability and quick-solving issues.



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  • Remotely manage your charge points
  • See day to day use and live updates
  • Set access for different users (employees / fleet and public)
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  • Access download analytics and reporting
  • CO2 saved and energy used
  • Real time visibility of occupied or offline charge points  
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  • Set standard tariffs
  • Set time of use tariffs
  • Parking charge
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  • Self-healing functionality (identifies and tries to fix faults)
  • Integration with a large range of different hardware solutions 
  • Charger load management
EV charge point map | Mer UK

Driver Portal

The Driver Portal is the main online tool for drivers. It offers a map of all the charge points available; allows drivers to start, stop and pay for a public charge as well as checking billing activities and downloading invoices.

If you are a business and have a public charging membership, you will see all available public charge points, whereas if you are on a private network, you will only see your own network.

Visit the driver portal >

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