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Sustainability at Mer

Our mission to be good for the world is a core part of our DNA.

We are sustainable by nature.

Backed by Statkraft 125-year legacy in renewables, we give customers and partners the chance to be part of Europe’s most sustainable EV solutions.

We believe in EV solutions that must be sustainable beyond their primary purpose: to charge low carbon vehicles with clean energy.

We are passionate about our solutions but also our environment, balancing where we need to go with what is right to do for our business and for our planet.

Sustainability Strategy

We have incorporated sustainability to our business strategy and some of our initiatives include:

Sustainability in Numbers


The number of hydropower plants Statkraft owns


Statkraft wind farms in operation in Brazil, Norway, Sweden and the UK


The number of trees our team has helped plant via Ecosia web browser


renewable energy supply. All our electricity is carbon free and sourced solely from wind, hydro and solar power.

8516,2 KG

Co2 saved by drivers using our charge points

6 months

The time we think it will take us to be certified carbon neutral

Renewable energy is not just part of the solution. It is the solution.