Make EV Charging Work for Your Business

With years of knowledge in the field, we know how to make your EV infrastructure work best for you.

Expert Design & Consultancy

Our experienced charging consultants work to understand your business needs, and advise on the best solution.

Bespoke Business Solutions

Get the right chargers, with the right power, at the right time with a tailored charging infrastructure model.

Unbeatable Aftercare Service

We offer an aftercare service to ensure operations run smoothly and your vehicles stay on the road.

Commercial Landowners EV Charging

Attract EV drivers to your roadside and retail destinations with suitable and reliable EV charging infrastructure. We work with commercial landlords and land developers to create charging hubs for the public.

Learn more about charging solutions for commercial landowners

Local Authorities EV Charging

Provide EV charging stations for the public or explore installing EV charging hubs at specific locations. We work with public sector bodies to install, future-fit charging infrastructure.

Start the journey with EV charging for local authorities

Workplace EV Charging

Support your staff and visitors by installing workplace EV chargers at your premises. We work closely with you to provide easy and accessible solutions for your workplace.

Electrify your workforce with workplace charging

The transition from fossil fuels means every UK organisation that operates vehicles needs to develop a sustainable strategy for their EV charging infrastructure.

Sustainability at the Core

It’s at the heart of what we do. And we help your organisation to meet your own sustainability goals too.

Built to Last

Our charge points are built to last for years to come.

Reliable Reporting

Report on CO2 savings with our back office software.

Power Management

Get the most out of your power with load balancing.

Electrify your Fleet

Keep your electric fleet charged and on the road with EV fleet charging infrastructure. We support your fleet and design tailored charging solutions specific to your operational needs.

Discover more about charging solutions for your fleet

Commercial EV Charging Types

Future-proof your infrastructure with Mer’s EV charging technology

Fast Charging

Charges 7kWh – 25kWh.
Ideal for the workplace, destination, and fleet vehicle charging.

Rapid Charging

Charges 50kWh – 100kWh.
Great for quick turnaround charging, for short stays, and public charging. 


Charges 150kWh – 400kWh.
Perfect for public charging hubs, car parks, and short-stay destinations.

Keeping the UKs Businesses Charged up and on the road

We work with businesses across a variety of industries, providing tailored charging solutions

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