Experts in EV Charging at Home 

We help companies make it easier for their employees to charge at home with tailored EV charging solutions for staff. 

Our expert advisors can guide you through the different options available to you and your employees. Together our team works with you to provide a solution that best suits your business needs.

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Why Provide Home EV Charging for Your Staff?

Encourage your staff to plug in at home, and charge into the day. 

Many companies are making the shift to EVs, and providing home charge points can positively impact employee satisfaction, improve cost-efficiency and fleet productivity, as well as generate a positive outlook for your business.  

Benefits of offering home EV charging for your employees

Cost-Effective Charging

Avoid the cost of public charging while on the road.

Increase Productivity

Employees can charge at home overnight – no waiting.

Add More EVs to Your Fleet

Allow extra EVs to use your workplace charging network.

Easy to Track Expenses

User-friendly app enables you to track charger usage.

Employee Satisfaction

An attractive perk for potential and current employees.

Reach Sustainability Goals

Help staff transition to EV and support sustainability goals.

Man standing by electric car while charging

Best Home EV Charge Point for Staff 

7.4kW charger – perfect for staff to charge at home, overnight. 

We are an approved supplier and installer of the Zaptec Go home charger.   

Together with Mer, the Zaptec Go gives your drivers a compact and intelligent car charger that connects to all major brands of electric vehicles (EV).  

EV charger installation with Mer is simple:  

  • Quick turnaround time  
  • Installed by our experts  
  • User-friendly expense payback process  
  • Reliable aftercare services  
  • Discounts for businesses  
  • Installation includes surge protection  
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We Support UK Businesses with Home EV Charging Solutions

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