Quality Customised Charging Solutions 

We create tailored charging infrastructure designs and provide high-quality advice to support our customers on their fleet electrification journey. 

Planning & Strategy

Our experts carry out a site survey and produce a bespoke installation plan.

3D Design

We create detailed site drawings and realistic 3D models to visualise the final site.

Capacity Analysis

Our engineers carry out load testing, while our consultants support with DNO applications.

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Get Started with a Site Survey 

We visit your site, to identify the scope of work needed to support the EV charger installation and produce a bespoke survey report summarising our installation plan. We cover: 

  • Basic overview of your site through existing drawings or photos 
  • Best location for your chargers 
  • Details of the electrical and groundworks required

Our survey can be offered as a stand-alone service and contains all the information required for any electrical contractor to quote for the installation. 

Electric car charging at EV charging hub

Bespoke Design Consultancy

Site designs are a great way to map out your charging project.  

We provide custom and detailed drawings of your planned infrastructure as part of our surveys and design package. We include: 

  • Layout of electrical infrastructure 
  • EV charger locations 
  • Civil works for construction 

Our design service can also be carried out if the project has been partially scoped or as a standalone service – no need for a site survey! 

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Envisage Your EV Charging Infrastructure

With 3D Modelling and AI imagery we provide accurate visualisation of your finished charging infrastructure within the context of your specific site. We visualise: 

  • Charger models 
  • Bollards 
  • Signposts 
  • Bay marking 
  • Other infrastructure

Choose this as a standalone service to help with tender requirements, or for the marketing and promotion of the site’s development. 

Let Us Do the Legwork

We work with DNOs and IDNOs across the UK and have the expertise to deal with connection applications on a client's behalf, so you don’t have to! Through our site surveys or by working with you, we can determine if a new connection is needed.

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Ensure You Have the Energy

Do you know how much energy capacity you have, to accommodate EV charging? Our engineers carry out load testing on your premises, and analyse the test results: We look at: 

  • Supply capacity 
  • EV charging suitability 
  • Charger recommendations 
  • Estimated battery charge times 

Once we have established power availability, we optimise your charging capabilities, through careful design of the charging infrastructure, including future proofing. 

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Renewable Energy Integration EV Charging

Energise Your Site with Renewable Integration 

Maximise your site by integrating renewable energy to power your EV charging infrastructure. We can help you with your renewable energy integration, through our partners, for: 

  • PV Solar installation 
  • Battery storage 
  • Tariff optimisation 
  • And more 
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