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Public EV Charging Stations for Local Authorities

Offer a better charging experience by working with a reputable EV charging partner.

Backed by Statkraft, Europe’s largest supplier of renewable energy, Mer is a customer-focused EV charging provider. We work with local authorities to offer charging solutions to EV drivers.

Public EV Charging for Local Authorities
Trusted Partner for Local Authorities

Our Electric Car Charging Points for Public Sector Bodies

We work with public sector bodies across the UK and Europe and can help you set up an intelligent, future-fit EV charging infrastructure based on best practices and experience.

Man using Public Mer EV Charger

A Simple Experience for Local Authorities

Whether you are looking for EV chargers in specific locations or exploring adding EV charging hubs we can help and offer you options depending on your objectives. We work with public sector bodies across the UK and Europe and can help you set up an intelligent, future-fit EV charging infrastructure based on best practices and experience.

We advocate for the right number and type of chargers at the right locations: We don’t believe in over-installing EV chargers to win bids which can cause local grid strain and/or unused chargers. This is uneconomical and stranded chargers have an environmental impact.

Mer offers a complete service from planning your infrastructure with you to grid connection and supply and installation of charging point(s).

We advise public sector bodies on the best locations and EV charging hardware based on our local and site analysis. We create a site design showing you the electrical infrastructure (substation and feeder pillar connections), and the proposed chargers’ location with bollards and bay marking. We choose quality over price to ensure reliability.

Download our Best Practice EV Charging Guide for Local Authorities


We offer a simple, streamlined experience for all our Public Sector bodies, and electric vehicle (EV) drivers.

Funded Solutions

Part to fully funded EV charging solutions available through frameworks or direct tenders.

Green Ambition

A helping hand with your sustainability targets through EV charging, and Statkraft’s strong environmental credentials.


Our mission to be good for the world is a core part of our DNA, and are taking steps to reduce our environmental impact.

24/7 Support

We believe supporting EV drivers is key, which is why our customer service phone line is available 24/7.


We are fully committed to the sustainable growth of the UK’s public EV charging network and infrastructure.

Our EV Charging Experience

We regularly interview our customers to find out more about their EV charging habits and what improvements they would like to see. In our latest survey, customers rated our app 4 out of 5 citing the great user experience, 87% would recommend us to a friend and many would like to see more Mer rapid and ultra-rapid public chargers being installed.


do not have access to a home charger*


want to see rapid chargers on route to their destination*


want to see a charger close to their home or work*


want to see more public charge points*

Girl Charging at Mer Charger

With more EVs on the road, it is crucial to building an infrastructure fit for the future and accessible to all and this is how we do it:

  • By investing in the UK-wide EV charging infrastructure
  • By building suitable EV charging hubs to ensure availability whilst respecting the grid availability
  • By championing roaming agreements and multiple payment methods for an easy charging experience
  • By offering public drivers the choice: become a registered user or Pay-as-You-Go
  • By being there when they need us and providing a customer service line 24/7
  • By operating a popular and convenient network drivers are happy to use
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Framework Agreements for Electric Vehicles

Some public sector bodies may be eligible to utilise existing public framework agreements depending on their geographic location. These frameworks aim to save time and costs on tendering processes.

We offer financed packages via the following frameworks:

  • Kent County Services National Framework
  • Crown Commercial Service’s Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework
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Kent County Services National Framework

Kent County Council via KCS Professional Services have created a National Framework Agreement for the supply and delivery of Electrical Vehicle Charging Point and Associated Services. We are a preferred supplier for electric vehicle and bus charging on this Framework, which is accessible to all public sector bodies. Through the Framework, Mer can provide a fully funded solution for public sector bodies to roll out charging infrastructure across their property portfolio. The associated Services also allow us to provide a holistic solution, including Solar PV and Battery Storage solutions.

Crown Commercial Service’s Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions Framework

Mer have been named as a supplier on Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Solutions (VCIS) framework. This framework offers public sector bodies access to vehicle charging infrastructure services. We offer local governments a solution that fits their specific needs and budget.

Funded EV Solution Packages

We offer fully funded, part funded, or you decide if you want to own the infrastructure. We also provide Bay rental where we rent parking bays and offer profit share.


We install
We manage
You get a profit share


We install
We manage
You invest

Fully Owned

We install & manage
You own the chargers
You keep the revenue

Public Charging Stations | Local Authorities

Case Study: Durham County Council

Durham County Council joined a consortium of partners – that included EV charging specialists Mer – to deliver a groundbreaking project called ‘Scaling On-Street Charging Infrastructure’ (SOSCI).

Durham County Council was keen to position itself at the forefront of efforts to reduce carbon emissions – and work with partners and local communities both to lower air pollution and help residents save money on fuel costs. Learn how Mer supported the project.

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Why Us?

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Our mission to be good for the world is a core part of our DNA.

Mer can help with your sustainability targets. We source our electricity from our sister company Bryt Energy, also part of the Statkraft group, which provides local authorities with zero carbon, 100% renewable electricity sourced solely from solar, wind, and hydro. Their supply product is backed by guarantee of origin certificates so ZERO carbon emissions can be reported for your electricity consumption on Scope 2 carbon emissions under the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol market-based method.

Sustainable growth

Growing in a sustainable manner is essential to us. We are not a private equity-funded company; we have a long-term vision and commitment to the development of the UK EV charging infrastructure. We want to see the public EV charging market being developed intelligently with drivers in mind, not shareholders.

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