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EV Charging Speeds Explained: How Much Power Are You Really Getting?

Your actual charge speed is based on battery size, vehicle charge rate, charger speed, the weather and more. Get to grips with EV charge speeds.

The world of EV charging can be complex – and things aren’t always as they first appear. For example, a charge point may advertise speeds of 22 kWh – but this doesn’t necessarily mean this is what you’ll receive. Your real charging speed can be determined by your vehicle model, battery capacity and even the weather…

Different types of EV charging speeds

There are 3 main types of chargers used to power EVs in the UK: ‘Slow’ ‘Fast’ and ‘Rapid/Ultra Rapid’.

Slow Charging Speeds

Slow chargers charge up to 3.6 kWh, can take between 6-12 hrs for a full charge and are most commonly used at home.

Fast Charging Speeds

Fast chargers charge between 7-22 kWh in 3-5 hrs and are the most common type of public charging points for now.

Rapid / Ultra Rapid Charging Speeds

Rapid and ultra-rapid DC chargers can handle power outputs of 50kWh up to 300 – 350kWh, allowing drivers to get an 80% charge in as little as 20 minutes. With a 50 kWh rapid charger, many EVs are capable of adding 100 miles of range in less than 35 minutes. These types of chargers are usually found at large shopping centres, car parks or motorway service stations.

You can read more about ultra-rapid charging in our recent blog.

(3-pin plug)
(home charger)
(motorways etc.)
Tesla (supercharger)
15min3 miles6 miles 45 miles 105 miles
30min5 miles 12 miles 90 miles 210 miles
45min8 miles 18 miles 130 miles 315 miles
1h11 miles 25 miles 175 miles 420 miles
(Source Drive Electric)

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