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Your Guide To Business EV Charging Installation

If you’re looking to install EV charge points at your business, Mer can support you with the whole process.

Electric Car Charging with Workplace EV Charge Points at Business

Switching a petrol/diesel fleet to electric is not simply a case of changing the vehicles, but also includes installing the right infrastructure to charge your fleet. 

In this blog, we outline what is involved with electric vehicle (EV) charging for your business fleet from start to finish. 


Here are the key steps to installing EV charge points at your business:  

  • Decide which installation company you would like to partner with 
  • Consider the different infrastructure requirements and operating models for your EV charging network 
  • Work with your charge point operator (CPO) to see what hardware you wish to install, location(s) you will install on, and how to best future-proof your infrastructure 
  • Decide how you are going to fund the installation of your infrastructure. 

Getting started

The first step you should take when considering EV charger installation for your business, is to carry out research on reputable installation companies. As electric vehicle (EV) uptake has rapidly increased over the years, many companies have added EV chargers to their portfolios, with little or no expertise – sometimes resulting in more costs down the line for the customer. 

At Mer, we have over 10 years’ experience within the field of EV charging for businesses, and we combine our deep knowledge of the industry with genuine ambition and passion. 

Once you have chosen an installation company, such as Mer, you simply need to complete an online form for workplace or fleet, or you can call 03300 562 562 to arrange an appointment with an associate. 

How we work

If you’re looking to provide fleet charging or workplace EV charging on your business premises, Mer is here to support your transition to electric, from initial consultation to installation and aftercare. 

Consultation and planning

As part of our offering at Mer, we provide a comprehensive assessment of your business, guiding you through the different capabilities, infrastructure requirements, and operating models. 

One of our expert associates will visit your premises and carry out an on-site survey and feasibility assessment. 

As part of our tried and tested project management process, we offer full EV charging infrastructure project design and planning services. 


When it comes to EV charging in the workplace, we know reliability is key. We’re proud to provide our customers with quality charge point hardware. Solutions we trust in, designed with business charging in mind, and guaranteed to run smoothly long after installation. 


Our experienced OZEV-approved installation teams have worked on 1000s of commercial projects. We cover every aspect of the infrastructure project from groundworks through installation and online Operator Portal set-up (Mer’s charge point management platform). 

On-going support

A key element of our aftercare process includes an annual safety check and maintenance of your charging infrastructure. We also offer reactive maintenance and a 24/7 helpline to ensure as little downtime of your chargers, should something go wrong. 

Site survey

The starting point for any charging infrastructure project is the on-site survey. During this survey an associate will visit your site and support you with: 

  • Electricity supply assessment 
  • Load-balancing 
  • Hardware 
  • Location 
  • Future-proofing 
  • Costs 

Electricity supply

As part of the site survey, your associate will assess your premises’ maximum electrical capacity. You may require upgrades to your electricity supply, and our installation team may need to carry out groundworks at your site. 


Depending on the electrical capacity available, you may also require a load-balanced EV charging solution. Your Mer EV charging expert will provide you with all the necessary information and explain the load-balancing process. 


Choosing the right hardware and charger speeds for your specific business needs is an important part of getting your infrastructure right the first time. During the site survey, your associate will guide you through our available charging options and advise you on the best equipment for your requirements. 


One element that should be carefully considered, is the location of your electric vehicle charge points. 

The distance between your infrastructure and the electrical meter on your premises can play a major factor in the cost of your installation. Long cabling and complex groundwork requirements may result in overall higher costs. 

Also consider whether your chosen location will require permissions from other parties. In most cases, you won’t need planning permission to install charge points on your business premises, but you may need to obtain permission if the installation is: 

  • Near a highway 
  • In a listed building 
  • Over 1.6m in height (for ground mounted units) 
  • More than 0.2 cubic meters in volume (for wall mounted units) 

You can always speak to your local council to ensure you have the right permissions. 

Future-proof your network

If you want to start small to begin with on your EV charging journey, then you might want to consider future-proofing your infrastructure. This enables you to pre-empt the need for more charge points to be installed further down the line and helps avoid costly work needing to be carried out. To support with the purchase and installation of future units, the Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) has launched a grant aimed at small and medium-sized businesses. 

Costs and funding options

Once the site survey has been completed, your Mer associate will then generate an accurate quote for the cost of supply and installation of your EV charging infrastructure. 

Our hardware

Depending on your site’s electrical capacity and your business’s charging needs, there is a range of charge points available from Mer. 

If you are installing EV chargers for use at your workplace, for employees’ and customer use for example, fast chargers from 3.7kW up to 22kW will likely be the most appropriate solution. However, Mer also offers DC Rapid Chargers up to 300kW. 

Additional products

There could potentially be extra costs to consider should you wish for additional products to be included in your installation. Additional products could include: 

  • Signage 
  • Wheel stops 
  • Curved barriers 
  • Hooped barriers 
  • Straight poles 
  • Painted bay markings 

Speak with your associate to find out more about the additional products we offer at Mer. 

Finance solutions

If you’re considering business EV charging solutions but are concerned about long-term commitment to the charge point hardware, then Mer’s leasing option may be the smart choice for you. 

Rather than purchasing your equipment outright, leasing it means that you can pay in manageable installments via a third-party finance agreement. 


There are many benefits to leasing your infrastructure, including no upfront cost for installation, flexible payment term from 12-60 months*, and rentals are 100% tax deductible. 

Leasing is applicable to: 

  • Hardware 
  • Mounting posts 
  • Prefabricated bases 
  • Accessories – cables 
  • Back office system 
  • Installation 

Leasing table

business ev charging

*VAT is charged on the smaller individual payments


Aftercare services

Mer is always on hand to ensure your EV charging experience runs smoothly from start to finish – we’re there for our customers all the way. 

Our top-class aftercare service includes an annual safety check and maintenance of all your charging equipment and infrastructure. We also have a dedicated customer service team who operate our 24/7 helpline. 

Our aftercare service includes: 

  • 24-hour response time for station faults 
  • Max target of 7 working days for repairs 
  • Unlimited callouts 
  • Access to our support portal, knowledge, and community forums 
  • Latest firmware updates 
  • Annual safety test and charger service 
  • Maintenance certificate issued on all work carried out 

Find out more about business charging with Mer

We understand that there are many aspects to consider when it comes to EV charger installation for business. However, getting to know more about the process and the impact of your choices, will help you make smarter decisions throughout, and with long-term benefits. 

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