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Public EV Charging Infrastructure Guide

We’re on a mission to bring clarity & ease to the process of installing electric vehicle charging infrastructure for public sector bodies. Whether you're part of a team choosing to procure charging installation through an existing framework, running your own tender, or exploring options, this guide will help you identify what you need to know before stepping into a project.

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Best Practices Public EV Charging Infrastructure

Charging in the UK

The government is depending on local leadership to support the UK’s transition to zero-emission vehicles with charge point delivery, but progression is lacking. Our guide is designed to help public bodies get started with EV infrastructure.

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What's in the Guide?

The Government envisions access to reliable public charge-points as a prerogative for everyone, charge-point inclusivity, and accessible on and off-street charging for private and commercial drivers.

Only 78% of homeowners have access to off-street parking. Public charging is fundamental for encouraging those without access to off-street parking to see electric transportation as a viable option for them.

Offer Better Charging

Offer better charging by working with a customer-focused EV charging partner. Mer has worked with local authorities and public sector bodies across the country, introducing and developing EV charging infrastructure to their portfolio to support their sustainability targets.
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Discover core learnings from UK local authorities in our latest guide.

"My advice would be to ensure communication is key when installing EV charge points. Build a relationship with your installer, your DNO providers, and internal areas of council services such as land and property, procurement, legal, parking, and highways team."

Tracey Millmore, EV Project Officer, Durham County Council

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