Developing Charging Networks, Along Vital Routes.

Do you have development land for sale, lease or invest opportunities? At Mer, we are connecting the UK’s EV drivers by developing a charging network along vital routes.

Land Acquisition

We work together with landowners to invest in greenfield, brownfield, and new land developments 

Long-Term Leasing

With long-term leasing contracts of 25+ years, we can make a real impact with EV charging 

Franchise Hotspots

Franchise developers can work with us to create buzzing hotspots of EV charging networks 

EV Charging for Commercial, Retail & Destinations

Do you have a commercial, retail or destination site and want to offer EV charging for your visitors? Visitor our commercial charging page for more information.

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Giving New Life to Greenfield Development Sites 

Repurpose unused land and offer sustainable charging.  

Partner with Mer and invest in electric vehicle charging for your land-ready development. Greenfield and new land developments offer an ideal opportunity for long-term investment, turning unused land into key EV charging locations. 

Long-term land leasing 

We are committed to investing in the UK’s charging infrastructure network for years to come. We work with landowners on land acquisition leasing contracts of 25+ years. 

Woman charging at EV charging point

Electrifying Opportunities for Land Development 

Mer supports the EV revolution by acquiring land suited for EV charging hubs, destination charging and roadside charging. Install charging infrastructure on residential, industrial, commercial, or agricultural land. 

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Business models for land development EV charging sites

Complete Solution

Mer covers everything from site design to full installation. Mer also supports with renewable energy supply, charger management software and aftercare. 


Mer installs the charging infrastructure and manages your charging stations and service. You simply generate revenue from your charging solution. 

Renewable Integration

We partner with suppliers to integrate renewables as part of your EV charging infrastructure, supporting sustainability goals and cost-savings for your business.  

Electric vehicle chargers

Green Light for Brownfield Sites 

Renovate and reinvigorate your site.  

Mer will redevelop brownfield land and work with sites that may or may not already have planning permission. 

An ideal brownfield site for charging infrastructure has:  

  • Planning permission  
  • Accessible highway connections 
  • Water, lighting and drainage systems  
  • Pre-tarmacked ground 

We invest in land best suited for EV charging stations, even if the above circumstances are unmet.  

Franchise Partnerships for Developers

Franchise developers have a huge opportunity with joint ventures in EV charging solutions.

Trusted Partner

Charging experts with years of experience.

Funding Options

Kick-start development with various funding options.

Joint Developments

Work together to rejuvenate unused land.


EV Charging Case Studies

Contact us today. Discover more about EV charging for land development.

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