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How EV Charging With Mer Works

Electric vehicle charging that feels right – Our public charge points are powered by 100% renewable energy when we supply the energy. You can charge with us using the following methods.

ev charging app

Mobile App

Download the Mer Connect UK App by clicking on the icons below. Register with us or pay as you go. You don’t need to have an account with us to charge with the App.

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Driver Portal/Map

Consult our charging map and/or start a charge from your internet browser with the Driver Portal. Find the charge point, select it and follow the instructions in the Portal.

Charging stations EV

Charge Card

We now offer Charge Cards! Register with us to order one in the Mer App or Driver Portal for a one-time £10 fee, and we’ll add £5 credit to your account. Our charge cards are small, recyclable tags.

ev charging app


We are rolling out contactless payment on specific charge points. Follow the instructions on the charger.

Mer EV Charging

Do You Need Help?

Call us 24/7: 020 3884 2768
Email us: [email protected]

How To Use Mer Charging Points

With Mer, you have the choice to charge as a guest user or a registered user.

Register with us


Once registered, you will be billed monthly on the payment card you registered with.


Watch step-by-step instructions on how to use our public charge points, App and Driver Portal on our YouTube channel.

Registered User

  • App/Driver Portal: Click on ‘Sign up’ and follow the instructions in the App/Driver Portal. As a registered user you will have access to instant access to charging, your charging history, monthly billing and much more. Your log in details will work across the App and the Driver Portal.
  • Charge Card: Create an account on the App/Driver Portal to order your card. Activate your new card on the App/Driver Portal using the 8-digit code on the front, then follow the instructions on the charger to begin your charge.

Pay As You Go

  • App/Driver Portal: You do not need to sign up. Click on ‘Find a charge point’, select the charge point you wish to charge at and add your card details and email address, a receipt will be sent to you following your charge.
  • Contactless payment: Follow the instructions on the charger.

We profusely apologise to those customers who have not been able to create an account or update their card details on the Mer Connect UK App. This was due to a software issue that we have worked relentlessly to resolve, and has now been fixed. To update your card details, please first update the app via Google Play or the App Store. You can also register or update your account via the Driver Portal.

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